Name the 3 best things about PoE and the 3 worst. Keep it simple and brief!


* So much potential.
* Scratches the D2 itch.
* Free to play.


* Terrible lottery system of progression.
* BiS unique items make the supposedly "diverse" skill tree worthless.
* The developers clearly don't actually play their own game.


Name 1 game that has an endgame.

replayability and therefore endgame lie in making new chars.

Dark Age of Camelot. (Pre-expansions.)
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1. Gigantic skill tree allowing for endless possibilities
2. Systematic game patches
3. Great replayability (including the map system, regardless of all its flaws)

1. Desync
2. RNG overload
3. Bad graphic customisation (I mean, really! FPS dropping to 10 just because of a silly shocking ground is ridiculous)
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Name 1 game that has an endgame.

replayability and therefore endgame lie in making new chars.

A comprehensive, easy on the eyes loot filter:

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.no p2w

.my cpu cant hanlde correctly
my english sux.

- hmmm...

- well...

- I'll have to think about it.

Honestly I've sat here for like a half hour and can't think of three things. :/


- Balance - both build and difficulty

- 'crafting'

- 'endgame'/gated progression

Bonus! desync/no offline mode
Best :

Customization (Tree/Gems)
Interesting uniques


Balanced around economy
Uninteresting NPCs
...and stay dead!

I was lucky to meet amazing people when I started playing the game, the first and second time.
The business model.
The one thing that really keeps me playing is I always feel like I'm just 1 drop away from being rich! :P


Drama from people you've never met or spoken to before.
The learning curve and how difficult it is to get into & learn the game, prices, currency ratios, which stats everybody wants on items, base items, all of that.

And, if I may add a fourth, it does kind of merge into #3..

How picking the wrong bandit buffs & passive skill tree can completely ruin you if you're new and don't have amazing friends.
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+Character variety -> Replayabilty
+Cold Crits
+That sense of warm patriotism it gives me

-Constant neglect of QoL
-Act 3/X/Scion (I am dissapoint)
-Lack of comprehenisve in game manual

1. Massive customization - theorycrafting
2. Dark and Gritty atmosphere
3. Drawbacks on powerful uniques & keystones

1. Desynch / FPS issues - Game demands more than its engine can handle on an optimum system
2. RNG gated access to challenging content instead of difficulty gated access to challenging content
3. Certain stats scale horribly good/bad towards endgame - coupled with the need to build/play around desync - turning massive part of customization into mere noobtrap.
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nvm everythings been said already anyways
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