Name the 3 best things about PoE and the 3 worst. Keep it simple and brief!


1. Builds customization
2. Constant addition of new skills/unique items
3. Replayability


1. Desync (some builds are simply unplayable because of this)
2. Lack of endgame contents / PVP
3. Current trade system
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-The wealth of options when building chars / passive tree
-Unique drops!
-Plain old fun for the most part.. except for issues listed below.

-Legacy shit
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1. The skill gem customization system
2. The passive skill tree
3. The difficulty of the game

1. Desync
2. Not enough endgame content
3. Inadequate in-game trading tools

Name 1 game that has an endgame.

replayability and therefore endgame lie in making new chars.
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Old school ARPG.
Currency has function.
Passive tree instead of prescribed progression.

Multiplayer/competitive play ruins solo experience.
Encounter difficulty balance.
Power creep in development cycle.
-Build diversity
-gameplay is enjoyable/addictive
-Graphics/spell effects kinda neat

-forced online/multiplayer
-poorly balanced mostly for solo/self-found but somewhat in general too.
-awful crafting system.
-(bonus)character builds gets broken often(every 4th? month) from skill tree changes.(not nerfed/buffed, broken)
1) skill gems
2) Developer activity
3) RNG


1) "crafting"
2) drops
3) RNG

- Build customization and diversity
- Complex interesting systems including flasks, defenses, gems,orbs.
- Brilliant map system/endgame


- Desync
- Graphic optimization
- Overly punishing 6 linking and getting off socket colors.
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+Drop system
+Skills/sockets design
+Skill tree

-No cross-instance trading
-Boring endgame
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1) Desync
2) Crafting Ratios
3) Drop Ratios

1) Development team
2) Constantly changing/updating
3) Sky High potential

1. Build options. Passive Skills / Items / Gems / Sockets combo is awesome.
2. Free to play.
3. Atmosphere.


1. Crafting that isn't crafting, but is instead randomization.
2. Drop rates that require trading, but without an in-game, asynchronous trading system.
3. Desync leading to character deaths.
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