Name the 3 best things about PoE and the 3 worst. Keep it simple and brief!


- Passive Tree (A lot of variety made in the Passive Tree)
- Skill Gem System(An actual fun way of customizing your skills)
- Insanely fun build-enabling Uniques


- Passive tree (A lot a variety, sure but all builds are literally the same because a crapload of nodes are junk so you end up taking the EXACT same every time you make a new character)
- Skill Gem System (Customizing skills, have fun leveling up and forced to find colored/linked gear when you level up all the time, it's frustrating as hell at times, and let's not bring 5L/6L'ing items up)
- Build-enabling Uniques (Implying you will ever get one dropped if you didn't worship Chris when you woke up)

I love the game, but the same reasons for this is also the same reason to I can't stand it much anymore, I tend to get bored too fast because all the builds are done the exactly same way, else you end up "dicktickling"
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+endgame build variation
+Skill gem system
+Many unique..unique's. Niche is king

-There is no variation in the build process, making leveling to endgame a chore
-Poor RNG and Less-than-smooth action compared to other arpg's
-Everything about Act 3. From layout to bad optimization to difficulty spikes. Its the worse part of the game
in few words: well designed, bad economy and end game


1) characters and skill tree
2) gems and support system
3) currencies and potential crafting


1) legacy items and too many useless mods and rng on items
2) capitalistic economy, that brings to rmt or trading simulator
3) no end game or real challenges, like skill-based pvp or raids for example

how to fix all this?

1) Fix Legacies
2) Make two Self Found permanent leagues (hc and sc) with revised drops
3) Make some real end game maps and pvp
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Build diversity( you can literally do anything and be terrible/ok at it)
Depth of knowledge of the game is very rewarding. I find myself consistently getting better at the game and being able to accomplish more and greater things.
Vaal Cyclone
Vaal Cyclone
Tileset being tied to map level
+The gritty look and game play
+The massive skill system
+The orb system 'idea'

-Legacy items (including the new legacy speculation market pushing prices up in the 4 month leagues).
-Unlimited single item copy with Mirrors.
-loss of build diversity for end game play.

And one more for the worst... always having to trade (because of the punishing rng) with NO trading system.
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-attack speed
-so many mobs to explode, lacerate, disembowel, melt, burn, etc

-DOORS. seriously, just take the out of the f'in game. they are useless and so many times i've gotten stuck trying to open a door but constantly click on mobs just on the other side of them. its difficult to get the angle and stuff right. why are there doors anyway? they serve no purpose other than to irritate.
-too addicting, i fail at life when i get sucked into this game, thus i had to quit :(
-only so much time in the day to play
1. Mods that care about the game and listen to their community.
2. People posting their builds for those of us who don't have time to learn every game mechanic.
3. Moresexier dying to Atziri on Invasion

1. Racers who cheat using unauthorized software. Thanks to CWU for outing them.
2. Helmannn's stream mumble.
3. RNG hates me
The Good:
-Replay Value/Longevity is quite enormous when compared to any other arpg on the market. Even though the majority quit or take a break half way through a ladder season, they come back for more!

-Build Diversity/Options are endless.. need I say more? Which other game offers this? Thought so.

-Dark, Gritty, that good old D2 feel. Finally a game that isn't afraid to cater to the wide masses. It is exactly what the Devs wanted, true to its word.

The Bad:
-Desync of course. Unbearable at times, a Hardcore deterrent. I can only imagine how much better this game would be without it.. I can dream...

-Act 3. No offense to the Devs, but it is just dreadfully painful and long compared to A1-2. The previous acts feel just right, meanwhile Act 3 just feels overdone. One of my best friends loves the game but refuses to go through Act 3 three times, and I don't blame him. Patiently waiting for more acts and a one difficulty run-through.

-Like the others have stated, it is hard to actually find amazing items or decent ones frequently. To be the best you are forced into trading, and that can be one annoying task in POE. This makes casuals or people attempting to try the game out run away.
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+++ Customization
++ Mechanics
+ Consistency
Examples with consistency
Ball Lightning (with AOE tag) doesn't benefit form Concentrated Effect
Arc (with Chain tag) benefits from Chain, but
Rain of Arrows (without Projectiles tag) benefit from projectile nodes
I hate these two interacts already, I'm sure there are probably more.
- Inconsistency
-- Balance
--- Desynchronization / Optimization
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1. its free
2. its FREE
3. its FREEEEE

1. desync
2. rmt warriors

e: i reported my former guildmates for rmt and i dont see em logging-in anymore, so much #WIN
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