Name the 3 best things about PoE and the 3 worst. Keep it simple and brief!


1) The passive skill tree

2) The way you can modify skills with support gems

3) Meaningfull drawbacks on strong items and keystones


1) Desync

2) Legacy items

3) The way PvP currently is

1) Customization (Skills / Tree)

2) Immersive (non-cartooney, good lore, etc).

3) Not P2W, but still has shinies.


1) Desync / Lag (not blaming GGG all that much, though. I need better Wi-fi and a better PC, but any boost is nice.).

2) Drops (RNG, specifically, is too low. Very noticable when you don't trade much/at all.)

3) Damage Spikes (game is easy (sometimes TOO easy, I *loved* Invasion Bosses) , and then one set of mod combinations fucks you up suddenly. Also applies to some bosses / Invaders, Evasion vs. EK/Bear Trap, etc. ).
I Cast Magic Missile! -
+ skill tree
+ large amount of interesting uniques
+ gameworld-design and lore

- game optimized for trading instead of playing
- drop rates (especially maps)
- desync
+ Passive Skill Tree, Active Skills and Support Gems
+ Unique items with fun design
+ Flask System (You really appreciate it if you happen to play a different ARPG now and then!)

- Missing QoL features, trade interface for example
- Slow start into the game (missing movement skills right at the beginning)
- Bad Combat-Action Synchronisation
+ Skill tree and character customization.
+ Skill gem system and its almost limitless cool combinations.
+ mostly good item design. especially for older items and uniques.

- god-awful optimization of anything from engine, to net code, to client stability.
- RNG everywhere, controlling everything. RNG is using PoE, rather than the other way around.
- trade, or go fuck yourself.

would add more in both (+) and (-), but limited to 3.
"If everyone just blindly whiteknights out of their ass, poe will never get better" - Pewzor, nailing it.
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1. Amazing Lore
2. Good deep, complex skill tree
3. Interesting uniques, rares



1. Lag spikes, occasional game freeze (just lost char to that today in HC )
2. Still not very responsive combat, thats why it is hard to reach high levels solo
3. De-sync + trading annoyance

GGG thank you for all the great things you are doing. You have combined every element of all other great Rpg's and joined them together as one Diamond, that will shine Forever.

This is coming straight from the heart <3

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1. Map System
2. Complex Passive Tree
3. F2P

1. Boring Combat
2. Tedious Trading
3. Legacy Items
-Build diversity**
-Map system
-PoE's environment

-No trading improvement yet

**: Meaning the skill gem system + skill tree combinations
+skill tree

-Trade chat or (seriously?)
-Legacy item
-skill gems customization
-art style

-balance around economy
-no crafting

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