0.10.0e Patch Notes

/facepalm. blood magic gem was fine. if people were dumb enough to link blood magic to a 40% reservation then they deserved the death. can't count how many threads i've seen about this. compared to none in CB
Chris wrote:

[li]Reduced the rate of encountering rare monsters in the Solaris Temple in Normal difficulty.[/li]

Damn. I was planning on leveling there before final boss ^^

Kidding. Thanks for the update and fixing, as usually! Great work.
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I also vote for doubling loot timers!!!

I never participate in parties because I loose more than half of what dropped for me.
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Using dual totems and minions and still getting complete lockups after the patch.

edit: Ignore for now. It could be a heat related issue at my end. Updated MSI Afterburner recently and PC temps are higher than normal.
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I was quite surprised that you lowered the life of the statues. They where for me in both normal and cruel that kind of enemy that annoyed you because they took so long to take down and at the same time did considerable damage. But i would have thought that if you change something about them it would be to reduce their damage to underline their tankyness. But i wont complain. ^^
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Hi GGG, thanks for the quick patch work

such great service

Just a query regarding the microtransaction changes

I myself lost 200 coins worth making the stupid mistake of overwriting
a weapon effect with a new one i bought, in the excitement of testing them all

is it worth making a petition regarding this, or am i going to
have to suck this one up :(


Awesomesause GGG. I had a few heartbreaking moments with the Server crashes yesterday (EU), right after finding a GCP and a good 2-H mace, but luckily I still had them after realm restart.

carry on, carry on...
Don't Touch my Sweep please GGG!
Don't know if this is related to the patch, but just killed the Weaver for the first time in Normal, and while it dropped a bunch of stuff, it didn't drop the spike. Got into a new instance of the weaver's chambers and this time is dropped the spike.
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Awesome patch a week after the OB craziness. Keep up the good work!

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