0.10.0e Patch Notes

Please don't double loot timers.

Also, thank you GGG for working so hard to keep the game progressing.
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Good stuff!
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what was the bug with the perma stun?
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YogaFire wrote:
Double the length of loot timers please :|

Fastest patching ever seen!
Thanks to Starzon29 i got a key! Thanks again!
Fixed a bug where players could permanently stun monsters.

Does this by any chance refer to using 100% reduced stun threshold and sufficient attack speed to stun all mobs permanently?
ADD LOOT TIME. ALLOW PARTY LEADER TO CHANGE IT, to 3x or 2x, normal and none.
Honestly, one of the better game companies I've ever experienced lol.

Keep up the good work you guys thank you for a wonderful game, and hell supporting your creation this damned much!
I understand the cons to increasing loot timer (players will stand around waiting for it to time out) BUT A LONGER LOOT TIMER IS NEEDED. MY SUGGESTION: allow party leader to set the timer, or set it to FFA Mode.
ALSO, the longer distance loot timer doesnt need to be changed (if player is further away, they will either see loot or not, that timer is correct) IT IS THE SHORT DISTANCE TIMER THAT NEEDS +5 to +10 seconds, because if you are trying to fight monsters and pick up your loot after this is impossible with the short timers, you have to stop fighting to pick up your loot or some asshole will just take it.
PLEASE, this is 100% agreed upon by the community when i have mentioned it. LOOT TIMER IS TOO SHORT. The pros of a longer timer far, far, far, far outweigh the cons. When I have a unique ring taken from me because I misclick (one misclick = losing item) or have a slight lag spike, this really kills all desire to play. I am just stacking magic find for the ninjas to take better stuff off me I guess!!
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Improved the Blood Magic support gem so that it now reserves slightly less life. This will also prevent players dying outright if using it with an aura that reserves 40% of their mana.

Someone is afraid of the QQ deaths >.>
POE is a constantly evolving game, so expect balance changes, buffs and nerfs STILL!

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