0.10.0e Patch Notes

You should update your main site news, it still shows d as latest patch.
Make summoned minions untargetable....please!

As summoner I second this.
IGN: Sociopathy
It's great to see how quickly the patches are being applied and the issue being addressed. Keep up the work GGG!! :D
Chris wrote:
You should now not be able to lose microtransaction effects in any way.

You better check if one is still able to lose his/her microtransaction effects when dying in a cutthroat league event. Did you already think about that?
Just saying, before the complaints become overwhelming again ;)

Good work overall GGG, Keep it up!
"The one who dies with the most toys is still dead."
- Geth, keeper of the Vault.

Chris wrote:
Version 0.10.0e
Microtransaction Changes:
  • Disallowed overwriting one cosmetic effect with another. If applying a cosmetic effect would destroy a different one, then you must reclaim the existing effect first by using the Reclaim button in the microtransaction stash.
  • Disallowed deleting characters that have cosmetic effects on their items. You must reclaim the effects first.
  • Prevented /destroy from destroying items with cosmetic effects applied.
  • You should now not be able to lose microtransaction effects in any way.

Balance Changes:
  • Improved the Blood Magic support gem so that it now reserves slightly less life. This will also prevent players dying outright if using it with an aura that reserves 40% of their mana.
  • Reduced the rate of encountering rare monsters in the Solaris Temple in Normal difficulty.
  • Reduced the life of Small Statue enemies by 10%.

Bug Fixes:
  • Hotfixed several more realm problems that would cause players to be disconnected.
  • Fixed some problems where it was possible to miss out on passive skill point quest rewards by disconnecting at the wrong time. Those points will now be available to you. If you lost points due to this, you can get them back from Eramir or Bestel.
  • Fixed a problem where you could get disconnected from new areas with the message "Terrain generator is out of sync".
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if you closed the client while the Bandit quest voting box was open.
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur on the main menu.
  • Fixed a client crash related to totems, traps or mines summoning melee minions near monsters.
  • Fixed a bug where players could permanently stun monsters.
  • Fixed the gem quality bonuses for the Punishment skill.
  • Fixed some problems with text in various quests.
Good york GGG ^^

If your post should be an answer to mine... it isn't. [if not, ignore what i write :)]

Because what I mean is the following:

Imagine you play at a CUTTHROAT EVENT (doens't matter if hardcore or default) and you use one of your microtransaction effects on let's say your helmet. Now you get killed and - because it's cutthroat - your beloved helmet drops as loot for your slayer.
These patch notes (0.10.0e) don't cover this case as far as I see.
But cutthroat race events are planned and coming in the near future!
So just saying that if GGG wants to prevent QQ threads happening again :)
"The one who dies with the most toys is still dead."
- Geth, keeper of the Vault.

while these patches are great, I am concerned with your ability to make money off of us if you make micro-transactions permanent

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