Why have you stopped playing?

ToxicRatt wrote:
Never quit but almost all of my friends have. Desync and poor drops.

I skipped last season due to grouping being forced upon players to push ladder. I see they improved that a bit now, but still I've done 2 lvl 70 maps right now with 80-100 quantity and NO MAP has dropped.

I understand gear, currency should be based on RNG, but not EXP. People want to be on the top because they are dedicated and skilled not because they lucked out with RNG maps...
Old school ARPGs called. I answered.

Going to play a couple that I managed to miss back in the day, and replay a couple also.

It's time to reload and discover what it is I love so much about this genre of games. It's been fun thus far. :)
i play occasionally for a few weeks.

whenever the desyncs or the reflect-death-due-off-screen-reflect-mob-hit-by-my-freaking-arrow
annoy me too much i make a pause again :)

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hardcore = endgame
endgame = specialized loot
specialized loot = trading
trading = selling/flipping/scamming
selling/flipping/scamming = hardcore

Notice, at no time does gameplay skill enter into the equation.

Cause my computer broke ...

Stupid computer.

Completed 4 ChallengesSawm wrote:
To be honest. I took down my path of exile posters I spend hundreds of dollars for. I cant play I cant think of it. Im just mad that GGG is not giving a fuck about how bad people have been complaining if someone like me sees this on the forums how can GGG be so blind to the real issues this game has (serious....serious optimization issues.)

Don't hold your breath. As of a few weeks ago Chris was still saying they don't want to disallow things like weather and particle effects because people will take poor-looking screenshots and that won't help the game sell.

Meanwhile, every single PC game out there has graphics options that can make the game look like it's 20 years old, and none of those developers are concerned about the screenshots being put out. They know it's more important to have as wide a range of compatibility as possible.

I've died to the game dropping to 0 FPS multiple times, and it's usually in rainy stages before an explosion of effects. This doesn't happen in any of the other stages. So yeah, this is a real issue, and all the "ethical" microtransactions don't counteract the fact GGG cares more about selling pretty screenshots than giving players customization to make the game playable on older rigs.

If anyone really buys that GGG is 100% about respecting the player... then yeah...
The main reason I've stopped playing is because of the effect of RMT/forum gold inflation giving too much of an advantage at the beginning of a "fresh" league. How can everyone start over if you still have currency converted from past leagues?

From what I've seen Invasion isn't anything like open beta HC was, you can't be competitive at all anymore in my opinion. Everyone just mindlessly dies and rebuilds back up in days. Very frustrating to see as a legit player, and demotivating!

There are a lot of problems with the game besides that though. Performance issues, desync, limited viable skill builds, and overpowered Unique items that are too game changing are a few things off the top of my head. Did I forget to mention the game's graphics are just plain ugly? I don't understand how such low quality textures and models can cripple performance so badly. There aren't even many options to adjust to improve performance!

Maybe I'll come back in a year or two to see how things are, but I wouldn't wait around for this game to improve by any means. High hopes for other games coming out soon, not thinking twice about quitting.
Too much RNG and access to new content means to farm normal zones for hour instead of maps which is very boring.
giving a try to ROS, will see if i am more attracted to the 2.0 loot system.
I will regret for sure the build diversity and the potion system of this game but I ve no more pleasure to play poe atm.
estu87 wrote:
getting bored and the loot is worse than d3.

You're just mad cause you never got loot outside of the AH ;P.


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