1.3 [Newbie Friendly] GROUNDSLAMMER BUILD

@drkuyleh : you can save one passive point by taking Bloodless, then refund the two 10 str nodes needed to go to Mace damage and life.

Thanks corrected it!
Hello there....

Wouldn't it make sence, to get the passieve skill tree node "Master of the Arena"?
Because of the weapon dmg AND for the +2 range of melee attacks?

Together with ground slam or sweep this should be a nice bonus, wouldn't it?

And u can allocte it from the near +armor nodes, that are also a good deal...
Therefore u can reskill some other nodes, like some life nodes, that can be skilled later on e.a.!

What do u guys think? Or is this no good deal?

Because in my opinion the higher range gives us the chance to hit more enemies with one hit.
That means more aoe damage, more life leech, faster kilspeed.

Sorry for my english, its not my mother language... ;)
The "+2 to melee range" has no large benefit for Ground Slam, if it benefits at all.

"+2" is no more than a few pixels.
It is designed for builds that do actual close combat damage (not "shooting" like Ground Slam), so that if monsters move and don't stand still directly next to you, you still have a chance to hit them. It reduces the "hit nothing but thin air" frustration, but that's not an issue with an AoE shooting skill like Ground Slam.

The other benefits of "Master of the Arena" are of course great, strength and melee damage is always nice. Getting to 20% life with the next 2 points behind it is also great.

So yes, grab it, but not because of the "+2 melee range".
Hmm ok.

So u say for ground slam the benefits are not that good.
But whats with sweep?

And then, i'm looking for Heavy Strike together with Multistrike and Meele Splash gems.

I'm relative new, never played a melee char, so my wisdom is small...

I havent seen something in this guide about multisstrike, melee splash or other stuff like
cast when damage taken, etc....
As I wrote: It's a good node!!!
Take it!

It's just not that interesting for Ground Slam.
The "+2 range", that is. Take it none the less. Benefits are there.

For real Melee, like Heavy Strike, Sweap, double Strike etc, the +2 range is superstrong. And for attacks linked to multistrike especially, since you have a higher chance to hit monsters on your second and third attack!

This guide doesn't include too much info about multistrike/codt as you only get these gems in act3 merciless (if not lucky or trading), and this guide focuses on "get through the game as a selffound noob".
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Then thx so much.
hey guys! I'm currently lvl 83. My skill tree is this


I can respec the two resistance nodes near the Scion area and propably later the Diamond skin.
I think I won't like Vaal Pact so where should I head from my current skill tree?

Current stats
HP: 4253
Armor: 6303
GS dps: 7931 (so low because currently I have linked item rarity instead of multistrike)
HS dps: 15129

I know my stats suck, but except from my weapon and carnage heart all the other gear is selffound-crafted. I'm saving for a 6l armor right now
Here's my tree so far

Why skip Bloodless?
Any reason not to get it?
Why skip Bloodless?
Any reason not to get it?

Any reason to get it?

There's little to no monsters in the game leeching life from you, and the ones that do leech (basically only blue/rare monsters "of the lamprey")... well, let them.
It's not like this is hurting. ;-)

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