0.10.0 Patch Notes

ualac wrote:
Kabraxis wrote:
Think about it.

right now im thinking about offering GGG a bunch of money to implement /ignore here in the forums.

I'm pretty sure if we took up a collection we could make that happen. :)
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bobrock1982 wrote:
You can use summons and curses to support your totems as well as mines and traps for a little extra damage (damage from mines and traps doesn't come directly from your character but from traps and mines themselves so they're fine). Bear trap is really great skill for double totem build. It really helps with single target damage. As a double totem you will have tough time with bosses and Extrahealth and high resist mobs so Bear Trap is awesome skill to have in those situations. Just equip a few in your gear ( every gem has seperate cooldown on it's traps) and you can throw traps almost with no pause.

I...didn't know that, and I've been playing for a long time. /ashamed :)

Also, I didn't think about traps. I had a trap/bow ranger that was quite fun, but I never thought of pairing traps with summons. I don't know why, as it seems obvious in retrospect. :p
i love you GGG, read half the list, instantly im thinking D2.5 i like where this is going! you guys actually have brains! f#$% that loser jay willson!
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Phase 2: ?

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is there a list of the microtransactions available somewhere im missing?

My take on the micro transactions...

The problem:
Many of us have THOUSANDS of points saved up due to purchasing supporter packs, we will not need to purchase "new" points for a long time, yet WE are the demographic that are proven spenders that GGG needs.... 2.2 million dollars IIRC.

The solution:
One Time Use for things like weapon effects. For those of us with thousands of points, its nothing to spend a few on the "remove" "purchase anew" system.

The result:
We will burn through our points fairly quickly, and thus, as proven spenders, purchase more.

This is just a theory and frankly it's smart on GGG's part. Think of the millions upon millions of unused points we are sitting on. There has to be some form of "sink" for them or else we would never have the need to purchase more.

I also have no problem with ANY of the ideas or methods Chris and the team come up with to earn money. it's optional anyway. So dont take my tin foil hat theory as a rant against GGG, its not ;-)

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I don't believe one time use weapon skins are big deal.You are not supposed to look "epic" at low level anyway, i will buy weapon skins when im high level and have weapons that i know will be using for a long time.Also, for example, the other day i found 2h rare sword at around level 5 that i was using up to lvl 35 so you don't really change your weapon every 5 minutes.
All you complaining about the micro transaction bit, at least wait till you see the pricing on the items...
Some errors:

Increased their base life and added a small amount of general elemental resistances have been added.

The new player resistance penalties are 0% on Normal, -20% on Cruel and -60% on Merciless difficulty. Chaos resistance is now included and has the same penalty apply to it.
@GGG this is just plain perfect. Personally i have no complaints ^^. <3
GGG thank you for all the great things you are doing. You have combined every element of all other great Rpg's and joined them together as one Diamond, that will shine Forever.

This is coming straight from the heart <3
Sweet cant wait for open beta this game is amazing and deserves some cash support from everyone that loves it

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