0.10.0 Patch Notes

Peterowsky wrote:
I gladly stand corrected.
Though an average speed of 34kbps because the server is under heavy load is still a thorn on my side.
Maybe we should buy more cosmetics from shop, so they can buy more servers for this FREE game.
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I don t like the Ancestral Bond changes at all O_O..you just killed my spark templer :( he put up 2 totems+ used spark as a dmg spell too...so ...frustrating:( and pls re-do diamond-flaskes in the game again !

•Discipline: Mana cost increased by 40. Energy Shield granted significantly reduced.
•Elemental Hit: Is now player level 19 (was 2) and has had its damage reduced, especially at high levels.
Sad panda. Maybe it's for the better though.

Phase Run: Has been retired to the plane of elemental fire to be reforged anew.
very sad panda. How could they do this to us? Did I miss something? WTF was the problem with phase run? Sure I guess no one at all was using it for it's damage (unless I missed something; i.e. PvP), but why throw it out? people were relying on that to get around quickly without looking like a full derp retard spamming leap slam or whirling blades (which also was only beneficial to gain movement speed if you had increase attack speed and reasonable regen rates)

Also, quite disappointed that using staffs still seems useless. I was hoping for a change, like back when the skill paths were easier to get to ranger/duelist/shadow spots or even certain witch spots.

Staff seems gimped sitting in it's narrow little corner with it's few skills. there's not enough critical hit skills to make it viable over getting a mace and getting resolute technique.
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i thinked everytime that the characters will stay at the level they were before, does it mean we have to play whole game again from lvl 1 ???
just wondering what the size of the patch is in MB? i tried searching here but i couldnt find it.

(i have pretty limited downloads lol, might be able to get it off a mate if i can convince him to try it!)
OB is 1.5gb and the following hotfix is about 7mb
was hoping to just copy the install folder once hes downloaded it, that should work shouldnt it? i can download 1.5gb just, but not the 4gb... :'(
Holy crap that was quite the list.

I didnt see any notes on targeting ally zombies / skele's - - was that fixed so we cant target them?? Did I miss that note elsewhere in something previous or is there no concern for fixing that at this time??
Is the Lightning Strike projectile fix the "evasion related" issue mentioned in the patch notes bugfixes section? Because I can't find anything else about Lightning Strike there...
Are you shpongled yet?
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Chris wrote:

darkjoy wrote:

Not what I was referring to. I was referring to Ls being fixed, not nerfed.

Currently, LS is hitting it's target twice and word was this was going to be fixed.

So maybe word was wrong, and it's intended to hit twice?

This is in the patch notes, in the bug fixes section.

Fixed a problem with evasion related to Lightning Strike.

Thats the only thing related to LS in the bug fixes

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