[0.11.0] Eldritch Battery/Armour Crit Dagger Shadow (Based off the CI Crit Dagger Shadow concept)

Completed 13 ChallengesSpectarz wrote:
There is no nerf to LS, it was merely fixed when using it attacking a single target. You can't get 2 shock stacks when you crit now, because the skill works as it was supposed to.

Yeah, you could say it as "fixed" but fact is LS is not as good as it was in CB, atleast for single dps. I don't know how it is with aoe LS.
Daze wrote:
MooseKing wrote:
Although I am sure this build is going to be very good end game like the CI build. It is awful to start the game with, and requires lots of gear to reach it's potential.

1. You take way to much damage early
2. You have huge mana problems.
3. You are constantly spamming potions
4. Fire trap is very buggy and does not always work properly.

Now, if you are skipping certain mobs, and are an experienced player who is used to doing speed runs in HC. Then this built I am sure will work fine. Kiting bosses, and avoiding their abilities is easy. However if you are not speed running on a specific route, this build becomes way less effective early on. For someone starting out on HC, and does not have friends to play with or know a very specific route to take, ignore this build completely until you become more experience at the game.

I'm a first time player in HC and this is my first character build, so far it's a great guide. Dual Strike 1-2 shots any mob through Act 1 (I'm at Act 2 atm) and Whirling Blades clears packs decent enough. Bosses were a breeze, as long you take the early health nodes as the guide suggests and use hp rings and hp regen amulet, you are fine. I actually have the complaint that the content is too easy with this build since I haven't had to kite bosses yet or stack resistances. Haven't used Viper Strike yet since everything dies too fast.

I would skip Fire Trap since you have better skills to make use of your dual wielding early on in the game, which is what makes this a powerful build from the start.

The worst starting builds in the game are usually for summoners since players don't realize that they shouldn't be summoning and just going all dmg spells until their 30's and 40's to be effective.

You are not a new player, you have been playing since Sept. Which is a lot different. I used this build (CI) through most of the time I was playing beta. I can say now that mobs do more damage, this build is one of the weakest you can go early game.

I also find it hard to believe you are face tanking packs of mobs without a proper AOE build. Not unless you traded for an item, had help with an item, are in a group or got lucky with drops. You don't even have enough STR with this build early to use LS until you get the STR node. Not unless you find some on gear.

Like I said. If you are in HC rushing, it's viable. However early game it's just not as good as it used to be. It's also not as safe as other builds.

We all know end-game it's amazing. It does lots of damage if you get the right gear.
I see a bunch of posts saying this build is tough early on. Around what level do you start getting gear good enough to make the build work well?
after lvl 45+ the build starts to pick up
and its not that tough - stack some armor and some resists - spam flasks and you can blow through the early levels. I AFK spam lightning strike from 20 to 40
also, can someone explain to me how frenzy works with flicker strike? how do i get frenzy charges?
Completed 11 ChallengesBootlegga wrote:
also, can someone explain to me how frenzy works with flicker strike? how do i get frenzy charges?

You will get frenzy charges through bloodrage, not frenzy. Although I don't think you will want to start using bloodrage until you have enough hp regen nodes to counteract the HP loss, which isnt until later in the build.
IGN Nellz
I only saw the one - Troll Blood down the bottom left,
are there others at all in the build? doesnt seem to be?

Also the guide mentioned WED support gem - I can't figure out what it are?
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It's Weapon Elemental Damage.

You're currently playing this build right?

Any changes or tweaks we might see in the future? I've tried to do a few changes here and there, but I seem to default to the way you set it up originally.


Level 30 now (finished Act 2) and making my way to the left side the passive tree for more health nodes and Troll's Blood as my priority since the dmg is still good.

I have a general question about gem quality. Do they ever drop with higher quality or is the only way to improve them through Gemcutter's Prism?
quality one's can drop, just rare
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