1.0.3 Patch Notes

I hope it does fix the massive disconnect problem because I suffer for days now and it became unplayable for me.
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someones got "daddy Issues"

#1 Chest In Poe http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/644742

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So what happened to the skillpoints i skilled into mana gained on kill?

Those are just gone.
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Yes, yes, YES!

Thank you, GGG :) No WP after killing Dominus, and Dialla causing me to d/c whenever I talked to her, was really killing my desire to play new characters. This is a huge fix for me, thank you!
Devolving Wilds
“T, Sacrifice Devolving Wilds: Search your library for a basic land card and reveal it. Then shuffle your library.”
This sounds great, thanks for the great work GGG !

Wow that flame skull looks fantastic !! :)
Spiders have been made invulnerable when climbing into areas from scenery.

P L E A S E make them climb a lot faster then..

PS. Loving the new Aegis art!
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I liked the kuduku art :C he looked so much cooler!
Still no Courtyard bug fix, after 11 days that I informed you.

And many, many Courtyards have been played and boss skipped because of it, eh...
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ARPG devs really have some sickening anti-melee agenda.
Just curious, why some of you keep whining that devs still hast nerfed this and that, hasnt nerfed perma stun, hasn nerfed other shit, etc... So, you are playing, playing and bam! Your thoughts: Im killing mobs too fast goddammit, Ill go on forums and whine that I spent less then a sec to kill that mob, wtf?!

What the hell? If you want hardcore, so dont use gems at all, use only left mouse button with normal attack and keep killing a single mob for a minute or more.

Or you saw how someone killed faster than you a boss,and you know how to do that but dont like to play way, dont like to use that gem or use 2H weapon or whatever, so you dicided just to go on forums and whine to ruin the fun of other players? Or what? I cant really understand you.

I understand if you are saying that gem isnt powerfull enough to kill mobs and enjoy the game but why are you whining about nerfing something?

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