1.0.3 Patch Notes

Spiders have been made invulnerable when climbing into areas from scenery.

Oh noes, poor spiders will now never be killed !
Nice! Have to say though, not a huge fan of the stash tab change.
"Spiders have been made invulnerable when climbing into areas from scenery."

You also should be allowed to run through narrow passages, until the spiders are climbed up and vulnerable to dmg.
Reduced mana gem doesn't work on auras anymore suddenly??
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Righteous Fire Totems will damage enemies based on their own life and ES, not their caster's life and ES.

Never noticed that when I was playing around with 0 mana totems.

Fixed a dupe method involving the Mirror of Kalandra. It no longer also duplicates an item that was skin transfered into the target item.

Given the rarity of the mirror that must be hell of a dupe method ;D
Should give a full reset because many ppl use poison arrow and now will be harder to get higher damage for them...
Only thing I disagree with in this patch is the colour to the tabs list, but that's maybe a matter of personal taste.
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question about new skill barrage... is crit chance set per skill use or per hit?
[quote="Mark_GGG"]damage modifiers don't can currently can't apply to degen.[/quote]
"Getting all life nods on passive tree should give additional survival, not the mandatory basic survival."
Thx alot for improving this game constantly! :)
Weird to haven't see free respec from you guys... There was a lots of changes. It can be probably made for 60-70+ characters still?
Anyway, nice stuff, GGG.
Best regards!

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