1.0.3 Patch Notes

Edit: found the relevant thread at the bug reports forum: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/694023

Has anybody noticed Molten Shell not doing any damage to close mobs (like in-the-face), alone or when linked to concentrated effect? Edit: just tested it without concentrated effect, still no damage.

I use to do massive damage with this, but now even white mobs seem to be unaffected. I'd post this in the skillgem feedback forum, but molten shell is not there... :|
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I've switched to using the Physical Projectile Attack Damage support on my Spectral Throw crit dagger Shadow. I'm loving it.
Nice, torture's chamber boss oneshot all build now.

Dragon's infernal tanks, lvl 86, 0.2 secs before die.

He can cast his new skill at full room range ... really very very nice change ...

Can't block, can't evade ... nice.

MiguelKP wrote:
Kochise wrote:
Pesta wrote:
Viper Strike doesn't get benefit from the new nodes. That's too bad. :-(

Wow that is huge if you are referring to the Chaos Nodes I'm assuming.

Not only Chaos nodes, but also DoT nodes should affect Viper Strike. It clearly states in the description:
Inflicts a debuff on the foe, which deals Chaos Damage over Time [...]

So, it's Chaos and it's DoT.
I didn't make any test yet, but both should work on that skill or those nodes has no sense at all (except maybe DoT nodes for igniters). Has anyone tried it?

I did not try DoT but the Chaos % Damage and Resistance nodes. The Resistances showed up in the defence overview. The Chaos % Damage neither in the Offence Overview nor changed the chaos base damage over time in my Viper Strike Gem.

I really hope this is only a bug. If not ... then I don't know what that means.

fear the cold of my heart ...
pls add blue hemming to magic mob, just like rare mob.
ty :)
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