1.0.3 Patch Notes

MiniMinhMo wrote:
Zooming in and out doesn't work for me anymore.

Use page up and page down also just reloading the game worked for me
"Blue warrior shot the food"
ebrl wrote:
Kenza wrote:
Reave was a flop!

Well, actually reave is pretty great - it's just that players are quite terrible, not particularly bright, and apparently unable to think for themselves, which makes figuring out the obvious strenghts of one of the best melee skills in the game abusingly hard. So they just repeat over and over again what they heard from someone else - in this case, that reave is bad.

Anyway - waiting until the hex master bug is fixed to resume playing.

Reave is a real jewel.
With major additions to the tree such as the chaos damage and resist nodes I feel there should be passive resets if we want to utilize. When you have temporary leagues and make additions such as this it's very annoying. I look at my lvl 59 ST/Trapper and would have totally planned a different path would I have at least known this was coming. Also to know I "missed" the new projectile damage gem because I'm done with that quest on this character is disheartening.

When you push the 4 month leagues and want people to play them but then introduce such drastic additions to the tree there should be some type of plan in place to either provide a look-ahead or something. I took an intentional break from the game and forums for maybe a week and come back to find this is upsetting and just makes me not even want to play.

I decided tonight I was ready to get back into it. I launch and see 1.03b..I'm like oh cool then read down and see the gem..I'm like awesome my shadow just got better then see where.. then I see the new chaos passive addition and instantly pissed because I would love to have known to plan for it.

I really wanted to love the temp leagues because I intentionally didn't play them last go round to play on standard. I was committed to the temp leagues. Now I'm not and will probably just shelve characters on Dom till they get moved or something happens that allows for a reset.

No the new passives don't directly effect anyone's tree because they are new..but it damn sure effects what you've done and making it not possible to try them w/o hosing your current path.

Then I see dupes and all the bugs. All I can say is the patch has great content and possibilities but the implementation and planning could have really used more thought and consideration for the player-base that have committed to your crowned 4 month leagues.

x_oxidizer_x wrote:
leighferon wrote:
question about new skill barrage... is crit chance set per skill use or per hit?

read previous comments, this question has been answered multiple times

ive been looking through the thread plenty never saw it answered...perhaps u could answer the question instead of being a horses rear??
[quote="Mark_GGG"]damage modifiers don't can currently can't apply to degen.[/quote]
"Getting all life nods on passive tree should give additional survival, not the mandatory basic survival."
A suggestions about the Blacksmith boss (please don't throw rotten tomatoes my way :D):

I haven't tried him with his new changes, because, frankly, my 2 map characters (non-HC) are somewhere past their 40% of level, and I'm trying to level them further (so I don't feel like going in and getting killed and loosing the percentage)...


I have had problems with him before - the Leap Slam thing would get me, if not careful.

That's until I realized the s.o.b. does not move or do much for that matter if he's stunned or blinded. So the combination of cyclone + BOR is awesome for this purpose. In my case, Cyclone (on the helmet, linked with LoH + Mana Leech + IIQ) hits and stuns and blinds because of the BOR. Once I'm on him, he doesn't even blink the whole time he's getting ass kicked. However, I use this combo on a Duelist.

The 'Cyclone-Cast on Crit+Cast when Damage taken+ lots of EKs-Ranger' DOES NOT use BOR. For that matter, the Cyclone on this ranger merely tickles (125 dps). But despite the low dps, it still somehow manages to stun. :D It moves and hits fast, and it stuns him enough so I can crit and cast EKs all over.

There's the stun factor no one seems to take into consideration, and no one should that much, but it works and can be used to your advantage. Think of the times your characters died because, all of a sudden, you could not move. You were stunned.

"Whenever a player or monster takes damage, there is a chance they will be stunned. A stun interrupts whatever that creature was doing while a brief animation is played"

The only thing is that you have to find a way to constantly hit and, therefore, stun him so he doesn't do anything. And not desync-die (had to be said).

Now, for a summoner playing solo... (there was someone saying that before).. I have no clue what can be done, other than maybe get a buddy that can keep him nice and still and stunned. (BTW, I'm all for solo playing and it's not nice not to be able to enjoy the entire game just soloing, but that's why I don't stick to one character.. I have two almost perfectly built for most situations, and am thinking of others that can be used in other cases).

"Fixed a bug where the visual display of a monster's resistances did not update if this status changed while you were hovering over it."

Could somebody explain what does this mean? Does it suggest I can somehow show the current monster resistances and I just do not know how to do it?

EDIT : I probably figured it out myself. It might mean that the status text on the monster's name plate (~"Vulnerable to fire") did not update correctly (~to "Resistant to fire" for example).
Disappointed. Would love to know the exact resistances of bosses as there is currently no sane way to know.

I cry out loud for a combat log feature, then!!!!!!
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Viper Strike doesn't get benefit from the new nodes. That's too bad. :-(
Pesta wrote:
Viper Strike doesn't get benefit from the new nodes. That's too bad. :-(

Wow that is huge if you are referring to the Chaos Nodes I'm assuming. I mean this patch seemed aimed at chaos with the viper and poison arrow buff. Knowing that and if what you say is true then that's even more disappointing.

My opinion and conclusion is GGG is really trying really hard to adhear to this almost unheard of schedule of production and release of new content that quality possibly is taking a big hit. Just look at the bugs in this patch.

To do what they've done with a skeleton crew really says alot. But I'm guess the player-base may be inclined to sincerely ask the Devs to step back, take a look at what's going on, take a look at the release rate of patches vs the amount of bugs and other quality issues coming from those. Talk to the player-base and SUPPORTERS of this game. Whether that's via forums or take it to a personal level and email some of their most trusted gamers to give them HONEST feedback, not some rose colored glasses version of "Great JOB GGG, moar plox".

Get back in touch with what got you here. Great communications, attitudes, willingness to listen and open to change. Now these are still in place but many have taken a hit and one of the reasons I just basically "quit" for a week or so now. Was going to start up last night but decided not after reading notes and feedback and the fact the patch intro'd some really nice thing but my "main" for this season had limited options to experience given he's on a temp league. Lesson Learned. No more temp leagues for me. I don't give a shit what anyone says about standard. Until something changes about the way changes to the tree and skill introduction is handled ESPECIALLY on temp leagues...well then I'll not partake any longer.
I would be fine with it being more expensive then. I just think it takes away from the game being forced to inundate trade chat with stuff that doesnt involve trading of items, but more like a bank function.

Fruz wrote:
currency rates are something that player are deciding ( from drop rates, utility, demand etc ... ), not something that GGG should set ( appart from the expensive ones that vendors already do ).

If there would be a vendor proposing such services, then it would be much much more expensive, so that it would have a meaning to trade orbs with other players.

Not happening.
Kochise wrote:
Pesta wrote:
Viper Strike doesn't get benefit from the new nodes. That's too bad. :-(

Wow that is huge if you are referring to the Chaos Nodes I'm assuming.

Not only Chaos nodes, but also DoT nodes should affect Viper Strike. It clearly states in the description:
Inflicts a debuff on the foe, which deals Chaos Damage over Time [...]

So, it's Chaos and it's DoT.
I didn't make any test yet, but both should work on that skill or those nodes has no sense at all (except maybe DoT nodes for igniters). Has anyone tried it?
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