1.0.1c Patch Notes

A function you really should add, is like a 2-second delay when closing the game to disconnect from server. Hardcore players clicking alt+F4 or "exit to log in menu" feels like cheating in hardcore, and this would prevent people from doing that. (If you're almost dying and press alt+F4, you will still die)
that boss was killable unlike most of the new map bosses so in coming buff for him lol..

What about performance issues FPS drops and lag spikes?????
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The escape menu now has an additional "Exit to Character Selection" button.

FINALY ! ! ! Well done GGG
Interesting. I like interesting, Not-A-Cockroach.

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I purchased the skin transfer x50 bundle very recently, does this mean I will get refunded?
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exit to character button, this is really nice!
Morgal wrote:
Any chance of increasing the number of characters displayed on the ladders as well.

Chris replied to this question during the Raptr event for the launch, saying "its a technical issue - and he would look into it"

If not, how about a number listed on the account screen showing where each character ranks.

Finally, could you add a filter to not show dead characters too in the ladders?



Yes we need this so bad...
its stupid that you cant find out what your real rank on the (hardcore) ladder, seperated from all the dead characters is.
And its only getting worse when more highlevel characters die and the list fills up with corpses. There is less space for the important alive characters - even now there are already some pages where not a single alive character exists. GIVE US FILTERS PLS
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Chris wrote:
This has been delayed until tomorrow (Thursday NZ time) due to issues found at the last minute. Sorry!

Its not like there's anything in it anyways.. Well, at least no nerfs...Yet.
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Page one!


Any chance we can have a kill counter? Stats are always fun. :)

You can type /deaths

Not how many times I have died.

How many monsters I have killed. How many champion, rare, bosses. Especially bosses... I think it would be neat to see how many times I've killed each boss.
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Hey, just a question - is All Ears achievement still broken? I'm still stuck at 48/49 despite definitely 100% absolutely sure having checked all the lore, most of it - twice.

Assuming you mean the No Stone Unturned achievement I'd say yes, since the patch notes don't mention it. Apparently it's the Arteri's Letter that is broken. See http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/579173

Thank you, that's what I meant exactly, my bad.

I just that guys at GGG fix it soone enought so I could close it and be done with it :3.

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