1.0.1c Patch Notes

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Any chance we can have a kill counter? Stats are always fun. :)
"Man, it's like we're fighting housewives and their equipment." - Millennium
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What was the bug affecting the 50 skin transfer bundle?
I bought that bundle but haven't used any yet.
Exit to character screen: Better late than never!

Also inb4 book tornado looks and acts exactly like lorenado from median xl.
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i play alot full party of high level maps like 76+

the map rate is still terrible all im getting is level map 72 and lower

i can't even find any maps that are 76 / 75 /77 or +

all im getting is low level maps i think this is a bug

Hey, just a question - is All Ears achievement still broken? I'm still stuck at 48/49 despite definitely 100% absolutely sure having checked all the lore, most of it - twice.
So with this new functionality, will we ever see a warning prompt when choosing to quit the game? No prompt for exiting to login screen or character select.

It's annoying because one misclick and you have to wait for (Probably) over a minute again to load the game back up!

think about what this would mean for hardcore players , i aint gonnna be picky of which option im clicking when trying to exit for my life
At some point book tornado will be a skill gem, right?
Bullshit, you get the game for free.

Exit to character screen?
damn, need 2min work to fix autohotkey again .. shit


good work
DaveSW wrote:
At some point book tornado will be a skill gem, right?

and it needs to be lightning damage since lightning needs a projectile gem that has an AoE (fire(fireball) and ice(arctic Breath) has 1 already)

to make it different y not make it push everything it hits to the side like shield charge(excluding the 1 u use it on in shield charge's case)
Any way to turn off these announcements?

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