1.0.1 Patch Notes

Chris, any ETA on combat sync improvements? Like next major patch or something?
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they just like to make us wasting currency and after that, after not even a month break everything because ...heei? we suck at adding stuff... we don't know how it will work but we add it and destroy it asap if it's usefull
I thought there was going to be some DOT buffs this patch. I am disappointed to see none.
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While many people are being ungrateful brats, I'd like to thank GGG for the excellent work they've done in creating a game as fun as Path of Exile. People will complain about the small things, but I still think this is the best free to play game in existence at the moment, and the continued support and patches and addition of content is great :]
By nerfing Cast on Damage Taken you make Nemesis league absolutely crap.
Even as someone who usually crticizes GGG alot for some of their balance decisions I have to say that this is probably one of the best patches I have seen so far. No complaints here. Great work.
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Oh I just realised... how am I supposed to get this CODT gem to level 18 within a reasonable timeframe, it'll be a week of playing before I can use my level 18 molten shell again :/

It's a good change otherwise. But annoying in that respect.
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Chris wrote:
The much higher monster life in 1.0.0 for groups has really disincentivised playing in them. There was a major shift towards solo play.

You want hard game, playing solo is harder, why you broke good change you implemented in 1.0.0? I would rather expect even increasing mobs health further and add increased damage.

And RIP CwDT, you will be missed, the most fun two weeks in year of playing PoE.
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So, you introduce a new gem (CoDT) which massively is used by all players, changing their gear and passives to fit on it and in just a few days you make it like crap. This really sucks big time.

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