1.0.1 Patch Notes

lol that's true couldn't say it better myself .GGG why don't you give a shit ??I mean we are the people that actually made the game a success... Yeah you designed it and sh*t but the best game in the world is failure if no one plays it..imagine WoW if there was like 10 people playing it at any given time..garantee you blizzard would have removed the subscription fee just to pull in more players.

Nerfing something and people complain and no one from GGG has the decency to just explain in detail why? or respond to the angry players? its like you don't give a f*ck about what we think? So then you def don't care if we buy rubbish from the shop or buy supporter packs right?

I might be wrong but GGG wasn't always like this maybe they should just regain perspective and maybe that will be sooner then they think

If you put water into a cup it becomes the cup..if you put water into a bowl it becomes the bowl..water can flow...or it can crash..be like water my friend------BOOOYAH!

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ofcorpse wrote:

Continued to incrementally improve the sound, art, effects and environments.

Will this improve my FPS by any chance or make it worse?

There is no point in buying cosmetic items when my game looks like this
texture_quality 10 and custom resolution

And I still get mean FPS spikes.

I really don't feel like buying a new computer/parts just to maybe get rid of my FPS issues with Path of Exile when I can play pretty much any other game just fine.

Time to buy a new computer haha.... 486dx2 little out of date ...hehe
I would still like a reply from ggg.

Couldn't you just have removed offense from it if the "auto-discharger" was the problem, like only able to cast molten shell, enduring cry and a decoy totem for example. I'm sure the ones using this in a defensive manner, like me, can't have been why you nerfed it to this degree?

I saw a video of a guy clearing sceptre of god + dominus with zero buttons pressed. everything was done via CWDT. Was it stuff like this that got it nerfed? Did you really need to smack EVERYONEs fingers?

140 pages of replies should tell you that you really struck a nerve here. Are you considering changing it again? What about the next "fun thing" thats slightly op. nerf that too? I'm scared to test popular builds just coz they might get nerfed, too. Things are usually popular for a resason. Easy to play, good damage, overpower, etc. Better nerf it. Can't have people doing content easier.
I like the new art for the endurance charges, but the sound they made when expiring is gone for me!

I used to hear a little chime type sound for each endurance charge that I had when they expired, how do I get that back and is anyone else noticing this?

Still no response or explanation?

Its like we are all in an elevator and GGG just farted. We all smell the shit here. Staying quiet won't make it go away.

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Yeah, an instant proc of 1058 armor and 3-5 endure charges every few seconds seems balanced.

I wonder how we survived a month ago when this gem didn't exist. I know, scary right?
Cause wrote:
Yeah, an instant proc of 1058 armor and 3-5 endure charges every few seconds seems balanced.

I wonder how we survived a month ago when this gem didn't exist. I know, scary right?

It's good to see the game getting better
I still did not understand if this is a bug or it's mean't to be:

We can use any level supported skill gems with CWDT regardless of it's level requirement.
I thought it was a bug, that they should be treated as active skills, but more than a patch applied since then and still no clue on that.

So, is it bugged, or it's mean't to be that way ? :S

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