1.0.1 Patch Notes

Ice Nova: Damage at high levels has been increased (around 10% more damage at level 15).

Nice try but I really doubt 10% more damage is gonna make this skill not useless past act 2 normal
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Good patch. Hopfefully the +max of resistance for each aura is now higher, as it was for purity before (so up to +4 at lvl 21).

this is shit. i shit on your patch. Remember what you said? "noo we will not touch cast on damage taken anymore" mhm i see...liars!

Cast On Damage Taken: The level requirement of gems augmented by Cast on Damage Taken may not exceed the level requirement of the Cast on Damage Taken gem.

I almost always solo and have never used purity. Resists come from items, other auras are better in my opinion! Don't see how this would kill the solo player at all...
this is shit. i shit on your patch. Remember what you said? "noo we will not touch cast on damage taken anymore" mhm i see...liars!


"There are more changes to this support gem coming in 1.0.1."
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Chris wrote:
We really enjoyed working on this patch and hopef you enjoy playing it! Thanks very much for your generous support and comprehensive feedback.
well... now it's useless! congrats
yes, by all means, ruin Cast on Damage Taken.

You add a skill you didn't think through and now you do this?

I guess you should think things over next time before adding a gem.
dandan88 wrote:

Do Scions who picked up the Spell Damage node get a respec? :P

shouldn't. It doesn't affect your gameplay or plans. It's just a small nerf.

As for the CwDT, I for one think this is a good change but I believe it will need a bit of tweaking.

I'm pretty sure that for enduring cry, the sweet spot will be level 9.
For other spells, I don't know but very unlikely to be high level except for stuff like molten shell due to its mechanic.

However, I do think that the damage taken requirement scales too fast and ends up asking for a total damage taken that's a bit too high. I'd say that the scaling would likely need to be cut by roughly 15% with the gem ending around 2.3k damage taken as its requirement for level 20.

That said, it will need some testing to know where the gem needs to be and regardless, it's a step in the right direction.
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what happened to the promised DoT changes?


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