1.0.0e Patch Notes

now i dont have to withstand the temptation to sort guildtabs only to rage about my own stash afterwards. thank you, think i tried that way to often :D
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nice patch

Desync while getting LMP dogs still needs fixing :)

jk <3 ggg
IGN = Engxo
im happy to see about the devourers... were in garden in act 3 and lost more then 80% hp from unique Devourer in 1 hit, never rly could hit him had to run asfast he hitted me...

Thanks for this update :) now my HC chars might stop dying to often lol
17hrs 58mins steam update time? o.O Better be a lie!
IGN: Sin
having issues updating with steam. ugh wish I still had the old client
Fixed cases where minions would not appear on your minion icon bar after tagging a shrine.

Thank you so much! :D
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well after patch 1.0.0.e my game crashes to desktop instantly upon double clicking and showing a second of the loading screen.
Fixed an abuse case where the Cast on Death support gem could be used as a massive damage bonus with other trigger gems.

Why would "fix" that. A dead character lost exp or goes to Default. It would only be fair if he is able to take take others with your character to hell ;)

Fixed a bug where all classes other than the Scion would look wrong when wearing Hyrri's Ire.

Wearing Hyrri's Ire is wrong on all classes :(

I'm having issues with Steam too. The download rate often drops all the way down to zero and just stays like that for a while.
also having problems with steam update

edit: restarting steam worked after a few tries
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