1.0.0e Patch Notes

Still crashing on dominus
Fixed a bug where a Guild Officer would be shown an option to kick the Guild Leader.

lolcatz translation: GANK!! Moi guild meow!!
I've never had any issues what so ever regarding disconnects or crashes before this patch. Last night, every time I was in Sarn Encampment, I got disconnected.
A friend whom I was trading with who never had any issues before being in the same instance of Sarn Encampment as me got disconnected at the same time, and after that he got regularly kicked while in the Encampment. We had to re-trade two times since we got roll-backed.
The log on the bottom left said something about an "incorrect parent instance" (?) the first time and after that something about me timing out. I kept the latency overlay up and couldn't notice any spikes when this happened, atleast not correlating with the disconnects.

In zones other than Sarn Encampment I've had no problems and I've yet to make it to Dominus (lol IRL R DOWNTIEM) but I'm suspecting I'll have issues there aswell.

If I'm reading the logs correctly it seems there's a problem creating correct instances of populated zones (Encampments and towns). I'm guessing it's a problem created by the influx of people after release/Steam.

EDIT: This is the exact error I got last night when I disconnected for the first time EVAR - "2013/10/30 19:56:21 6343640 272 [INFO Client 3020] Abnormal disconnect: Operation cannot be performed because this instance is not the owner of the account"
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NEvermind - it says current version bottom right you are running
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Since the new patch; i cant play at all. In 3 mins i got the *flat ping*. I must disconnect and try to reconnect.

Sad face is sad :(
so far no problems for me. I only get disconnects when i`m in town. I never disconnected when i was outside town - that`s why i`m always so afraid when i use tp scroll: "will i be able to come back or not :d "
Until someone in the development/coding of POE decides to make the max population in a town before a new zone is created a lower value, as most disconnects happen when in a crowded town, please double the bag size as a temporary fix. At least then we won't be in town as often so the crashing won't happen as often either.

Otherwise, please set up the portals so they aren't lost on a server crash (which is a lot more work I figure).

But, until someone in Grinding Gear comes to the epiphany of the crashes being caused by trying to put too many people in a town before a new town zone is created this problem will persist, and it will lead to less and less people wanting to endure an issue so easy to remedy by lowering the maximum from whatever it is now to say 10 or even 20 people less.

Now, if you're trying to use multiple cores and assign one core to one town, another to another town, etc., the problem is they all share one "pipe" to the Internet, and then it appears the most effective temporary fix will be by doubling our bag space to lower the frequency of the population density in a town from being enough to crash the server -- spreading our visitations to town out over longer durations will, at least somewhat, mitigate the crashing problem until the higher volume in towns can be addressed with a more permanent solution.

This disconnect issue is chasing people away and making it seem that the developers didn't anticipate for the volume of interest there would be in POE. This last patch didn't make much of a difference because we all get put in the closest town after recovery, only to crash within another 30 seconds again (Yeah, that's pretty convincing evidence it's the population in towns leading to most of the crashing people are experiencing) which stops when some decide not to log back in after that 2nd crash (they've had enough of it).
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So like i said since the patch i am disconnected every 10min (around this number).
This is troublesome.

What are your 2cents GGG ?
I love the attentiveness you guys put into this game with all these sweet updates. I have just something minor to ask about though. Could we get in a future patch a statistic for Critical Chance with Spells in the offense tab of the character box? I just realized there is none and it might be helpful to those who are trying spell crits of doom!! If I am wrong and this is posted somewhere already in a place than please point me to it so I can learn myself good.

P.S. Can't get enough of the game right now

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