1.0.0e Patch Notes

Great work GGG!

And please keep the patch size this low!


edit: Steam update worked like a charm for me!
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I've already downloaded the patch twice on steam and both times I couldn't login to servers because my client was out of date :/
Steam update isn't working for me either...
How about an option to buy a bigger Inventory?
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Steam still broken, 4 updates and trying.
Eneru wrote:
How about an option to buy a bigger Inventory?

Horrible idea really.
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I think you will be more successful restarting steam and running the patch again.
Logged with no problems, thx for the update (no steam)
Power and responsibility :P
Good work GGG...

I rly wanna see some microtransactions for spectral throw...=D

Hey Chris, can u share with us some new support gems will come?

Thanks a lot
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