1.0.0e Patch Notes

Chris wrote:
dlrr wrote:
cool stuff! anything on when we can hide guild chat?

It's coming, just not in this patch.

Santa's not real... is he?
GGG - Why you no?
I was gonna make a remark about Caliga Imperatrix completely insane mine-laying speed or the damage from the mines on normal being unbelievable at max resist. This works!

I find the AI of especially Plumed Chimeral could need a little attention. Plumed Chimerals seems weak overall.
On the other hand, Crouching Chimeral seems very nasty with an extremely powerful combo of leap slam and the ice spell. Choosing leap slam, back away, leap slam, back away seems very strong given how hard it hits. Add the stun and it is hard to kill if any lag is present. Surprisingly, maybe, I do like the aristocrats.
I appear to be living in "Romance Standard Time". That has to be good! :)
Septile wrote:
PoE 2 easy with all these nerfs

Have you met those devouers in merci and maps? YEAH.
This is something that started out slightly bothering me, and has been slowly growing inside me to make me hate hate hate.

Avian Retch. Did you intend for us to fight birdlike dry-heaves?

...Or did you perhaps mean wretch?

Please, the feels, I beg you.
Thanks for all the fixes GGG.
Redblade wrote:
Does the devourer still automatically hit you when it emerges or has that been fixed?

THIS...this is the problem I have with them, not the damage. When you just get insta gibbed when you normally would have moved out of the way of a projectile its pretty op....If they still do this just with less damage it's still pretty bad imo.

As for the BRage "bug" I actually think it looks cool (except when you get that square head thing going)

p.s. what happened to not bringing down realms for patching? was pretty sweet, not that I cant wait the 2 minutes :p
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Excellent game, fast updates and fixes. it sounds like devs are really old style gamers themselvs. thank you very much guys at GGG.

if only desync get fixed, so we kill with cyclone and not be killed by using it...
Chris wrote:
Version 1.0.0e
  • Fixed a bug where all classes other than the Scion would look wrong when wearing Hyrri's Ire.

I chuckled

Chris wrote:
Version 1.0.0e
[li]Fixed an instance crash related to Spectral Throw.[/li]
[li]Fixed an instance crash related to Dominus.[/li]
[li]Fixed a client crash related to guild tabs.[/li]

Got a HUGE smile on my face!

Coffee & Cigarettes
ewww content nerfs

pls no

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