1.0.0c Patch Notes

Indeed, I have noticed that logging was quite unstable during the last two hours. Hope the patch will fix this for once.
'You're Mod's greatest disappointment Forum User'
Unitrix wrote:
Nemesis Berserker mod is bugged I think, I slayed like 4 berserker rares and my challenges haven't updated.

im having this problem too its not giving me the challenge even though i have murdered many rare mobs with beserker.
Minions and animate guardian can't show HP/ Just shows animate guardian icon
I'm starting to think GGG is just showing off how quickly they can patch/hotfix.
Very smooth release like OB , you guys never let down!! Auras and passive tree are really OP!!
In before: "Fixed a bug where Dominus was made far harder than he should be, lol @ QQ though XD".
This message was delivered by GGG defence force.
raawwrr wrote:
just please give us back the the old mana reserved for auras, please GGG!

It was never intended that you could run a billion auras, it's just something that you got used to.

u are wrong, it's not because i used to run several auras, it's because it was always viable to run them until they changed it to percentage of mana reserved.
Much Love GGG
Nice work, thanks for the continued support.

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