1.0.0c Patch Notes

Version 1.0.0c
  • We now support payments with currencies other than US dollars via the Steam client.
  • Fixed a bug where some Steam users were unable to connect because they were erroneously allocated unlock codes. Unlock codes are now correctly disabled for Steam.
  • Fixed a bug where you can't right click to whisper people who aren't on your friends list.
  • Fixed a bug where the challenge completion counter that appears in chat in the new Domination and Nemesis leagues showed the wrong challenge total.
  • Fixed a bug where some Guild Tags appear invisible if they have spaces in them from the Vaults of Atziri symbol.
  • Improvements to login server stability.
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IGN: Aux
IGN: JeanVaalJean
He brings life from the dead
Aw, no bug fix for the increased effect of auras passives?
yay to whispering. :)
Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, it is that we are powerful beyond measure.
Whats with the latency issues D:
thanks for fixing that whisper problem! was really annoying

IGN: knowfear
Any ETA on when you're fixing Animate Guardian/Weapon for people who use Alt for their Key Pickup?

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