1.0.0c Patch Notes

Completed 4 Challenges5aml1 wrote:

still no answer either from email or forum post as to if the high uniques are still chanceable...answer please!
Are you going to separate minion life bars like zombies from trap life bars? Right now if you have minions and throw a trap, the trap icon replaces the minion icon (at least, that's the case with zombies and fire trap).
Woot GGG smooth launch over all :D lovin the scion
Only wanted to see one thing...

"Added hide Guild Chat option"

Good launch though GGG, good stuff.
GGG - Why you no?
I really love this game, is like the best game i have play in like the last 3-4 years ( even quit WoW, Sc2 and D3 5 chars paragon 100 ) and to be honest i dont care about the legacy items the talent tree for me they are good changes. But the cost of the auras just f** up the game, that is why love this game the fact that i feel op when i run 4 auras in my main char, now my char is getting fuck in lvl 66 maps!! and the day before the release i was doing lvl 75 maps easy!! u really need to fix the cost of auras!! or just leave them as they were in beta :/!!
"And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you"
Yeah has been a very solid launch. I mean I missed the login time because I was playing around with the passive tree (lol) but within 30-40mins after the timer it seemed like everyone could get on and that's excellent!
The Rusty Shack!
just please give us back the the old mana reserved for auras, please GGG!
raawwrr wrote:
just please give us back the the old mana reserved for auras, please GGG!

It was never intended that you could run a billion auras, it's just something that you got used to.
The Rusty Shack!

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