1.0.0c Patch Notes

I still have different Energy Shield/Mana regeneration, Defense, Damage Stats after switching Areas through TP or log/in out an other things if my auras are running.

I guess there is a bug with the increased aura effect passives.

beside that great release GGG, even if it's really hard to play my ci char without vaal pact and only 2 than 4 auras before, means i cant use grace and purity! for longer.
thats like i am playing a new kind of difficulty stage now :D more work, more fun!!
How does exactly this microtransactions through Steam work? Is it through the steam wallet or something? Because whenever I try to buy the points through the microtransaction tab in-game the only option it gives me is US dollars.
thx for the whisper thing
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WOOT for whisper :D
As long as the Polish version ?? :D
Steak sauce.
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Uhm i am a bit confused u guys released the game before u fixed the whole desync problems.

And the perfomance is still crappy.

Should have concetrated on this!

After months of frustration especially in hardcore i'll leave now.


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