1.0.0c Patch Notes

Is there a fix coming for animate weapon? You can't animate weapons if you have key pickup enabled.
Fix the aura bug please
Ya know the one that makes them uselss
What about the non working aura bonuses, when u change areas?

Bex told us it will be fixed in the next patch, it means this patch?
Nemesis Berserker mod is bugged I think, I slayed like 4 berserker rares and my challenges haven't updated.
Franticus (RIP) - Templar - High Cast Speed Arc Tank
Frantica - Ranger - Crit Dual Wield Dagger Frenzy Reave
Unitrix - Shadow - Elemental Kinetic Blast MF
LetsTryHardcoreAgain (BETA)- Duelist - 2H Axe 7 Endurance Charges RT Cleave/Cyclone
Kolencius (BETA) - Shadow - Crit Elemental Split Arrow
Wheres the damn AURA fix? the biggest part of this patch n its going to stay broken for longer.
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-lvl 96 Elemental PS Wander- (iLLeStMuZiK)
-lvl 96 Righteous Fire Flicker- (BurnMyLife)
-lvl 92 Life Based Flicker- (AttacksPerSecond)
That was quick, <3 GGG
The aura fix is coming in 1.0.0d.

Once we prepare a patch it takes a few hours to get it tested and onto the realm, so that one missed the cutoff for 1.0.0c. Sorry about that!
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Give us back the old mana reserved for aura's please, you guys already messed up our Ci build with vaal pact. sigh :< i thought this patch was gonna be better .
GGG <3
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