Further 0.11.4 Improvements

Optimization... one of my favorite things I love hearing.
A cup of tea.
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Pretty sad that Aux is sitting in front of the PC 24/7 hitting F5 just to be the first to write a nice, no matter what the News says.
News: "Baby was flushed down the toilette"
Aux: "Nice"

On Topic: Good to hear that the performance improvents are progrressing so well, as this will allow more people to actually enjoy the game, rather than bite through the bad perormance atm.

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This game, and the Devs, rock.
that new guy responsible for optimizations seems like he knows what he's doing!!! great work
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Holy fuck! From 10% to 20% cut and maybe even more?! That new GFX guy is sure earning his beans.
But how did you manage to achieve that? It was so badly done in the beginning? :P
Putting the new guy to work.

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I'd rather have the delay than having to download multiple large patches in a short time. Glad GGG delayed it to consolidate everything into 1 patch.

Will this optimization result in noticeable graphics quality loss?
"I'm programmed to say something that is kind and uplifting at this point, but there is apparently an error that is working in my favor."
So will any of these affect performance problems associated with f/x lightning strike?
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Keep up the good work GGG bros.
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