Further 0.11.4 Improvements

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From a gamer perspective then yeah a game that difficult/challenging would be great, but from a business stand point, your alienating 99.9% of the gaming community by doing that so it wouldn't be financially viable to do.

As it stands currently I think the game is perfectly fine difficulty wise. Standard/Default is easy and anyone can get high level with enough time. Hardcore is where the real fun is and most casual players won't get high level, but a minority will and that in itself is an achievement.

From a gamer perspective, a game should be difficult for the right reasons. And "hurr durr, RNG doesn't like you", isn't a good reason lol. The only way RNG will ever be accepted is if all probabilities are released, that way we can treat it as poker.
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Great to hear there are performance optimizations incoming! Can't wait for the better visibility for buff/debuff icons either. Please, one day, add the option to make the mouse cursor bright green (aka super visible), my old eyes often can't keep track of the default white one after playing maps for too long at night ;)
Seriously, the optimization is exactly what I think the game needs. Reworking the trees and such is incredibly useful, but many people like me have problems playing the game as a whole, despite our rather powerful gaming PC's. I'm really excited to have over 20% improvement to loading and such, and don't mind at all waiting extra days for the patch. Keep it up GGG <3<3
Will this mean that the sewers won't cause my computer to come to a screeching halt now?
Bullshit, you get the game for free.

I love you GGG.
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If this gives me more fps ill do some naughty things to you.
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This patch sounds awesome. :D

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Well maybe optimizing this other stuff will help some of the laggy skills? If it's using less resources, maybe more resources for the other stuff? No idea, but please stop improving I've been trying to quit ok? Friday or Monday ok then, I can wait that long.
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waiting for thar patch notes!!
Optimizing the game is really important indeed and I am glad to see you guys working on this.

HOWEVER, PLEASE do NOT sacrifice visual quality for the sake of better performance!!

PLEASE GGG, add more options in the graphics category! Myself, and many others, have NO difficulty running PoE and would REALLY like to make the game look even better than it already does!

-One more texture setting for higher resolution textures
-One more shadow setting for higher resolution shadows
-An option for special effects like auras and skills in general to look better
-Motion blur

I know graphics is less important than desync issues, or additional content, or optimization for low-end hardware, etc. but adding MORE options for people who can would be greatly appreciated!

Also, I know you must have way too many things to do until official release, but at the same time, good graphics do sell games! Upping the graphics a notch for release would be REALLY good press for you to people who don't really know the game yet!


+1 And totally agree. From the last patch 0.11.4 i notice some loses in the graphics and audio quality :'( and that upset me. if I could , probably, i would go back to the previous version.

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