Further 0.11.4 Improvements

Um, shadows? Haven't been "on" since CB :))

GJ with the optimization, looking forward to see what's the difference in 6man group.
Worth the wait I'm sure, as always. GGG keep doing what you are doing!
Completed 1 ChallengeNecrogue wrote:
In before people get confused and think map area is getting reduced.

Right, I was referring to these.
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yeah, that shadow problem. That wasn't good. I think I just got used to it.

edit: I believe I'm thinking of a different issue, actually. The one where you can stand still and shift-attack and the shadows around you go nuts.
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still waiting for re-do bandits quest..coming any soon>>?
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rainku wrote:
still waiting for re-do bandits quest..coming any soon>>?
Holy cow o.O

After this changes Path Of Exile will run on something a little better than a toaster :D

Yay! Now maybe I can get my friends with crappy PC's to play.
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I got a question, though not related to the patch notes per se.

Is there any chance that during the small-ish downtime for this patch the paysafecard method in the packs shop is properly labeled? as it is right now you guys at GGG only accept those cards if they have been purchased in an European country; however I found that out after having wasted $200 purchasing one.

Which is kind of a shame, really, because if I had known previously about this I would've likely purchased a higher tier pack via credit card.
Pretty sad that Aux is sitting in front of the PC 24/7 hitting F5 just to be the first to write a nice, no matter what the News says.
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Aux: "Nice"

On Topic: Good to hear that the performance improvents are progrressing so well, as this will allow more people to actually enjoy the game, rather than bite through the bad perormance atm.
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