Further 0.11.4 Improvements

Not gonna lie, that potential 20% improvement is making my pant's tight.
Fire_Kid wrote:

I even addressed this in the news post!

Is there any chance that during the small-ish downtime for this patch the paysafecard method in the packs shop is properly labeled? as it is right now you guys at GGG only accept those cards if they have been purchased in an European country; however I found that out after having wasted $200 purchasing one.

I'll try to make sure this is indicated more clearly.
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Any chance we can actually have some information about what youre doing to fix desync? I realize that it is a huge process the vast majority of players wont understand, but the typical blizzard "were working on it" is unfortunate :/

Edit: to avoid another post

Is there an official statement on the direction of the game? I want to keep supporting but lately there has been a bit of caving in to the casual gamers. Which i suppose is fine, but just not for me

Id like some reassurance that this game as a whole will remain hardcore and will continue down the path it was on months ago before i devote a lot more time/money to the game

Thanks for any info :)

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Really looking forward to this patch. Keep it up guys!
Chris is there ever plans to update the art of the environments to not use models made from back when GGG was a garage team? Stuff like the rocks on beaches or cave walls stand out as a little aged.
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We took the 0.11.4 improvments and then doubled it!
Wait, we might not have to worry about desync again? I can't wait for this patch now.
This patch is 100% music to my ears. Loving it, Chris and the gang!
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Sounds so cool!
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Optimizing the game is really important indeed and I am glad to see you guys working on this.

HOWEVER, PLEASE do NOT sacrifice visual quality for the sake of better performance!!

PLEASE GGG, add more options in the graphics category! Myself, and many others, have NO difficulty running PoE and would REALLY like to make the game look even better than it already does!

-One more texture setting for higher resolution textures
-One more shadow setting for higher resolution shadows
-An option for special effects like auras and skills in general to look better
-Motion blur

I know graphics is less important than desync issues, or additional content, or optimization for low-end hardware, etc. but adding MORE options for people who can would be greatly appreciated!

Also, I know you must have way too many things to do until official release, but at the same time, good graphics do sell games! Upping the graphics a notch for release would be REALLY good press for you to people who don't really know the game yet!


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