The Infernal Blow HEAVY METAL Marauder - Build Guide (1.1 Updated!)

Gems acquire experience automatically, but they only level up when you click on the + sign on the dialogue that shows up on the right side of the screen when they get enough experience. If you right click on the + instead of left click, you dismiss the dialogue without actually leveling the gem. They continue to show up at the bottom of the inventory screen in case you decide you want to level them later.

Thanks man!!! It´s really annoi when all the gems are on the dialogue that shows up on the right side!!
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I notice you did a leveling guide for the old build that recommended getting Blood Magic and I saw the video with the remade tree but I was wondering how you would go about leveling and what order to pick things up in the tree with the current build.

With the tree branching in two directions I'm not sure which way I should head first.

still playable in highlevel maps ?
still playable in highlevel maps ?

Definitely! Using almost this exact build, and can easily clear 70-74 maps!
i have a lot of problems with shitty dsyncs :/
i have a lot of problems with shitty dsyncs :/

That's why he says to use shift key, need some getting use to it as you can hit in empty air but fix the desync problem.
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Can you guys tell me how much dps you have using a Marohi? I've followed this guide but a 6link Marohi is retarded expensive even in domination league. 10~11 Ex for a 6link marohi? NEVER.
So i decide to change my build to facebreaker.
766% facebreaker + BoR + same skill gem = 20k DPS
I've used a better dps mace than marohi and my dps are just 8k crap. Facebreaker > marohi?
With my 5level mace i get 6.4K without hatred, it, s fine at the moment .. Also i can apply more chaos for increasing my DPS .
A erq.karui its about 25-35 exa..... By the way rumour has it that marauder, s passive tres will be modify and maybe a reset passive tree will appear...will you update this guid
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Rookie question:

How do you sustain auras while leveling? Since we're using blood magic this would chip away like 60% of it. What am I missing?!
You are not supposed to use BM passive, maybe BM gem if you can't somehow sustain mana. I can run 40% and 60% auras without mana problems, but ofcourse you need reduced mana gem and some mana leech(warlord's mark) for that.

My dps with 5L 235% Mahori is 13,5k, but i don't use non-damage supports, like leech or BM/MF.
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