Unable to Map File error report search!

Was playing my other character, went into Marketplace sewers and crashed while loading.

For me the whole map error stuff is only happening in act 3 or when changing the acts from act 3 to another.

Don't know if this will help you in any way.
Happened in Act 2. Killed the tree, Lorrata, entered Vaal Ruins and crashed when loading :/

Was checking NPC vendors across all acts. Warped from Act 3 Cruel to Act 2, and crashed while loading Act 1 Cruel.

Now this is weird. Finished a Dock farming cycle, went to vendor to sell. This time, I went to Clarissa instead of the fat dude (forgot his name) in Act 3. But as I was selling my stuffs, I crashed. This is one of the few rare times this error occur while I was doing something, as opposed to during loading.

After I made my way through Crematorium and tried to find the Slums sewer entrance, I crashed while loading Slums sewers.

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oh man...i got this error again and again...most times when i change the "map's" or when quets logs change...for example: i killed piety and then the error comes

i hope they'll get this working...it happens to often -.-
Had a friend help me breeze through Act 3. Killed Piety, and right after she died, I get this crash. Good thing my friend's around as an anchor.

Got this error codes, when i change the area.
I will post all my error codes from now on.

Was switching area from Cruel Act 2 to Battlefront Cruel (Act 3), and got greeted by this error instead of the usual Unable to MapViewOfFile.


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