New Video: Dyadus Detonate Dead [The Dyadus Thread]

AH Lucky you! :D I'm hoping I have the same luck as you do ;) Alternatively, if you drop another say 3 - 4 more in the next day or 2, if you feel like you need to donate it to someone, I'm very happy to help you on that front ;)
Dual wield axe elemental berserker mode engage.
just found 1 tonight!

now... time to figure out the best build to combine it with the legacy soul taker i found in anarchy

any ideas of a good build with these 2? i've never run ele dmg melee, and i'd assume ele reflect could be a major problem
In what league dyadus drop?
IGN: Puskurcina
zguza, it drops in all leagues.

spoko, lucky you! congrats! :D I guess if you're pairing it with soul taker then half your dps will be ele and half will be physical. I'd say that that actually mitigates reflect quite a bit ;)

i'm not sure which passives to go towards for a ele/phys mix build, but dual wield skills wise, the most instinctive one for me would be dual strike + melee splash given the recent cleave nerf. Otherwise, I've heard about spectral throw being quite popular too :)

elemental is good even for lighting strike templar build, balancing the elemental attack and overcome some resits from mob. But not sure if this will work with molten shell, with reference to the cold damage with the fire damage of molten shell, which I still stubbornly want to stick to.

hope to get one when I get to higher level.

as soon as I saw the Dyadus on the wiki, I decided, I must have two, because it would be awesome for my build, since I am fire and cold dam.

Thanks for the contribution ;)
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If Rory is okay with it, I'm definitely interested in reading some of the exchanges, to get a glimpse of the process!
Devolving Wilds
“T, Sacrifice Devolving Wilds: Search your library for a basic land card and reveal it. Then shuffle your library.”
Thanks again guys for the feedback. i'll see what i can do about the correspondence. it is a lot to sift through... too many chasers from me :S haha!

i have to confess, some of the build ideas that have come to me took me by surprise and i'm very happy that some have taken the effort to see what they can do with dyadus. it seems like the bulk of players, however, just think of it as a simple cleaving weapon. fair enough since that's the most obvious use.

in an effort to hopefully inspire some new builds, i've updated the OP with some ideas i've received and / or thought of (pasted here as well). clearly, not all will likely be end game viable, but i'm just enjoying the thought process behind some of these. others, however, i think are very very viable. hope you enjoy! :D

The Basics
Twin Dyadus cleave / dual strike + splash
Variant 1: Tri ele attacks (with added lightning damage and static blows)
Variant 2: More burn (cold to fire for increased burn and double dipping of passives. Chill still sustainable with 100% increased duration

Dyadus + Soul Taker cleave / dual strike + splash
Same as above but ST chills with physical, which scales better than cold
Less burn bonus from having only 1 Dyadus
No mana issues

Avatar of Fire builds
1H + Rise of the Phoenix (I like the dragon / phoenix imagery here)
Slight increase in burn damage due to physical converting to fire
Almost immune to reflect due to Phoenix shield
No loss in leech vs Twin Dyadus since focus was never on physical to begin with

Elemental Equilibrium builds
Dyadus is one of the few melee items that actually allows Melee EE builds. Good for solo but won't work in parties with damage auras unfortunately.
wooser69 had thought of this separately as well
High speed alternation between attacks leads to faster stacking of burn + chill
50% damage reduction due to 2 hits per spin reduces potential max burn damage by half

Heavy Strike + splash
Highest base damage means big ignites, which is further boosted by EE
Lack of multistrike in addition to HS knockback makes it hard to aim hits

Reave or Spectral throw
Lots of burn and chill all over
DW increases speed at which ailments are delivered
Needs burn to hopefully at least match the dps of a good 2H

Offhand builds
Infernal blow
Credit to megabronco on reddit for the idea
Offhand to provide chill and burn bonus for infernal blow burns

Caster/semi-caster builds
Twin Dyadus, EK with Hatred and Added Fire Damage
Cold + Fire = lots of burn on top of EK phys damage

Twin Dyadus Cyclone + Blood rage + Enduring cry on damage taken + discharge on high level cast on damage taken = Spinning burning discharge
CYCLONE OF DOOM!!! 'Nuff said

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if any1 is interested in trying those 2 weapons selling mine

59 EX BO

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