Our 2023 Plans

So 65days left instead of 35. I see. As always. No surprise...
Already had booked mid July to mid August to enjoy what I couldn't last time around, but I guess I'll have to adjust that to leave 1 week earlier.
Yes, please take your time with 3.21 (3.20 clearly shows it is well worth it)!
A.k.a. Sinisa / sinisasub85.
Avoiding D4 launch is probably the best idea.
Second-class poe gamer
Puts current D4 release date 2 months into next league, smart.
Yes, this approach is better, much better.

4 leagues per year schedule was crushingly difficult to keep up with while actively developing POE 2 and I think this has resulted in a number of bad leagues, 2021 and 2022 were not kind years to POE.

3.14 league - good league, good mechanics
3.15 league - terrible league, league mechanics were OK
3.16 - mediocre league, scourged maps were fun, but scourged items not so much. Or scourge in general inside maps, requiring players to run each map twice basically.
3.17 - the best by far in this lineup, brought gigantic changes. Terrible league mechanic though. God awful UI. Who thought that making those items green, unstashable anywhere outside of this tiny fucking inventory was a good idea?!
3.18 - trainwreck at launch, good after patching. Recombinators were fun, sentinels not so much - very straightforward and boring. Oh you click a button and things are harder and have increased quant. Yaaaaawn.
3.19 - bro what the fuck, is this Electronic Arts?
3.20 - surprisingly good! This league was given increased dev time and it shows. You didn't had to deploy eleven balance patches post launch. It was ready when it launched and even received some bonus content! That's absolutely unheard of in previous leagues - patches were focused on fixing broken shit, not on making something already good into something even better.

Even 2 leagues per year would be good if there was some mid-league action. Such as juicing up league mechanic after 3 months. In case of Sanctum you guys could add optional 5th floor with extremely difficult encounters and new reward types. Small but noticeable change.
Will 3.21 or 3.22 be core update? I mean like war for the atlass, siege of atlas etc.
It is a real bummer that you tell us now that it is better to travel before.

We planned to travel after, Tickets are booked, vacation from work set.

Imo you should not have any big releases right before or after such an event for obvious reason. Missing out 3.22 launch will feel awful after getting hyped so much.

Please reconsider this :(
<3 GGG

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