Our 2023 Plans

2023 is going to be lit fam.

Wer nichts weiß, muss alles glauben.
I also want to keep the positive vibe going, maybe listen to your community before you waste like 3 quarters of a year of dev time again.

I have had more fun this league then any league before it is is directly in line with the changes to arch nem that the community warned you about on day one of the announcement it was going core.
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Iam really glad you guys take longer for leagues now.
I rather have that than the half baked experiences i had with some leagues!
Quality over quantity forever in my opinion.

This league is really good and the changes of the mods really helped with that..
lets not forget that. Sanctum is a really fun league in my opinion but the real winner imo is the mod changes since it affects the rest of the game which is a huge game.

Thanks for changing it for the good!
The only gripe with this game i still have is the sad state of most melee skills and how we are getting punished way more.
Often you cant see the shit happening when the game gets harder or when i crank it up. Sanctum for many melee skills is still way to punishing compaired to the rest.

Beside Sanctum Melee is a mess in certain areas in my opinion, which makes me sad since i love melee. Not seeing many many projectiles or fast hard hitting attacks coming while not being compensated enough for that downside seems unfair to me.
Its not clear to me why buffing skills outright like you do with some other skills would not fit for underwhelming/underplayed PURE melee skills

Chris mentioned that you guys will give love to melee in POE 2 which saddens me even more since the melee boys have to wait for a very long time.
So for me this game would be even more complete and awsome if GGG would give some more love sooner rather than later for melee.

Despite that thanks a lot for the hard work and the good changes this league GGG!
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I hope 3.21 improves melee. No more money until you do.
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full goblin-mode at launch???
Additionally, we are really happy with how well-received The Forbidden Sanctum expansion was

Rounding up I'm guessing?

While it's normal for some to like or dislike a league. I found this to easily be the most polarizing in recent memory. I liked the mechanic but quit 8 days in because the 8 saves + map spam to play it was nonsense. It just felt like I was playing standard 80%+ of the time.

Didn't matter to me how good or bad it was when I had to spam the strand to play it.
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Is it really that hard to do votes on something that players want?
maybe then i would buy those supporter packs until than no thanks
We've got a lot planned for this year in the leadup to Path of Exile 2.

So POE 2 is next year?
Im really enjoying the state of the game, so the current league going a bit longer is no problem for me. Im having the most fun i ever had with Poe

Keep it up!

Although im not too big of a fan of the league mechanic, i really like the concept, but the slow collecting of the charges to run it (if you are not spamming maps 24/7), feels meh.

Besides that, Well done!
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When drops feel good and the league mech is rewarding the league does well!

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