Our 2023 Plans

IS there a chance that you make at least one league in a year that is not LATE? It's quite frustrating that you turned 13 weeks into 4 months of waiting.
"We have chosen this date so that we can make sure 3.21 gets all the development time it needs and that our release schedule for the year fits nicely alongside ExileCon and release dates of other games."

Real reason for the delay

If they launched on March, the league after would launch on June

Instead now that it's been pushed back to April, next league launches July

They didn't want to compete with D4 since they know it will affect their $ and player #
Sanctum is amazing, take all the time you need if it means we have a higher chance to get something as good!

POE 2023, we believe
April fools: Announce boatleague
Real joke: it really is boatleague
Good News, i like it!
bleh. I'm already sick of sanctum after the challenge grind, didn't touch it at all on a new char...
Actually just playing something else now, because bored :(
Very nice. I hope I can get a beta invite for PoE2. I beta tested when A4 and A5 came out and I had a blast doing it.
Since its been delayed can we get a date for release sooner rather then later? People need to book in annual leave to go full goblin mode. Most employers request 4 weeks notice minimum.
Please tell me you are going to fix CPU multi-threading problems in 2023.
Boat league coming after all

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