Our 2023 Plans

. You may note that this means that The Forbidden Sanctum challenge league will be longer than normal.

this is happenning too often...can you just officially change 3 months to like 4 or 5 and thats it? =/ at least then people could plan forward
krecikolo wrote:
April is fine I just hope it won't launch April 7th since April 9th is Easter -.-

True, hope GGG won't make us lose best time of PoE new league, coz of starting it on wrong weekend.
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So Path of Exile 2 beta is not about to be released sooned than Diablo IV...? Are there any news about this Beta release date? I was hoping to Play POE 2 sooner thjan D4.. I think there will be huge Player swap between those twoo game... :-(. I hope POE 2 is about to catch UP very soon ... at least Beta... :-/
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