Our 2023 Plans

It would be nice to have a Capture the Flag Tournament, it is the only achievement I am missing.
I am not Anti-Social, I am just selective on whom I wish to be social with.
i love fun
I hope PoE2 will reinvigorate my love for the game because last few years really tested it. I do not enjoy the game as much as before and even with new computer that solved my serious performance issues, I could not stick with Forbidden Sanctum for longer than first month or so before getting bored. I wish GGG all the best with their plans and look forward to 3.22 and PoE2 beta.
Since the next league is postponed, will there be any 1-3 week(s) softcore events leading up to next launch?
Since I'm traveling late March I'm happy to hear the next release will be in April :)
April is fine I just hope it won't launch April 7th since April 9th is Easter -.-
Disappointing that Sanctum is going to laat longer as my group was anxious for anything else.

Hoping the next expansion will open the game up a little bit more creatively instead of "stack X defense & life, use 2H"

Can tell there is a fun game hiding beneath layers of excess, hoping the game becomes more rewarding in the next expansions!

Love a lot of what I've experienced but mostly just feels like chaos from a newer player perspective. Couldn't tell me why half the things are happening just know I need to skip all the fun passives if I don't want to be one shot all the time.

Its just weird there's so much good, and I hear this is one of the better balances in recent memory... It just feels like too much without any information.

Hopefully 3.21 (& ultimately PoE 2) addresses those issues a bit, lot to love just hope to see you guys go towards fun.
buff minions please, make zombies great again!
take care of your responsibilities before going full goblin-mode at launch

Anyone looking for a neat experience, make sure to visit Whakaari / White Island, I believe it is about a 4-Hr drive. Where else can you get a tour of a volcanic island and look into the volcano itself?

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