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Awesome!! :D I don't mind waiting for 3.21, as I'm a firm believer that more testing is only for the best. The fun little end-of-league events are usually rather fun too!
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2 more months of a league that's already over.

Feels nice to get to experience Standard trading, but with a funny 40 number next to my name.

sanctum going core post when?
Her beauty did not fade
her humanity did not survive.
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sometimes you just have to LetHimCook .. looking forward to next league!
Didn't read but I'm Hyped
You'll be wanting to play 3.22, so it's best to leave New Zealand a few days after ExileCon.

That sounds like a banger league.
You'll be wanting to play 3.22, so it's best to leave New Zealand a few days after ExileCon. Then you'll have enough time to make it back home and take care of your responsibilities before going full goblin-mode at launch.

aka thanks for the fish, now get lost :D lovely
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I'm glad to see longer times of development!
Make sure to keep up the quality, not the quantity. It's what will keep the game healthy long-term after all!
GGG balance is like getting a pizza which is burnt on the sides, raw in the middle and misses the most of the toppings.
Then upon sending it back you get a raw side, burnt middle and enough toppings to drench everything in grease.
Everything fixed but still broken.
boat league confirmed
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