Our 2023 Plans

Great League, im happy i can enjoy this a bit longer.

Quality over Quantity. Love to see it.
I hope April 3.21 release won't become 1st April joke =).
Some trends starts to showing off, but i suppose it would happen anyway (no matter what is happening in general) as PoE 2 is in it's finishing stages. Surprised there was no mention that Sanctum will be Core, but who knows maybe Sanctum will be 1st league that gets continuation in upcoming expansions.

Good Luck!
Stop delaying leagues pls
I like what I read, and I think it's hilarious that people are complaining about the delay of 3.21

By all measurements, 3.20 is a huge success that people want MORE time with. Steamcharts shows 3.20 to have the best (actually, go check) retention of any league in the past year, and in the top 3 for the past 2 years.

Glad you guys are giving us more time to play the full Sanctum experience. The playerbase is still strongly enjoying it. Looking forward to trying out some new leaguestarters when 3.21 comes around though.
I Personaly dont like Sanctum but the overall changes are great and better wait for bit longer to get something great.
I`m still here, and loving it..
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In Darkness, I live in the shadow of Light,
Forever a child of twilight.
Guys, 2023 plans... that's like.. alot.
Arf! Arf! Arf!
I really don't enjoy the sextant system.
Rolling them is a pain as you need to spec into it in the tree.
It can take a while to roll enough of the ones you want.
Trading for them in bulk doesn't seem possible? Without using TFT which I don't use.

Would love to see it get a revamp at some point, maybe 3.22 can be that revamp since you mention not wanting to miss 3.22.
Something big planned.
Maybe a good chunk of PoE2 will be coming to 3.22?
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really exciting stuff :)
bloodrizer wrote:
>how well-received The Forbidden Sanctum expansion was

what an absolute delusional cope

Lmao someone living behind the moon

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