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bloodrizer wrote:
>how well-received The Forbidden Sanctum expansion was

what an absolute delusional cope

I wonder what it's like living in an echo chamber like yours, sounds miserable.
Oh, no! Sanctum is great, one of the best, don't get me wrong.
But April is really, really bad for me persoannly.

April means that I need a real date soon to be able to plan vacation. And as I guess you can't delivere that startdate soon, that is where the problem starts for me, personally.
Sanctum is a good league. And current PoE state is almost perfect. If Fracture shards drop would be inceased by 50%. I think it would be perfect state.
3.15 was a joke. 3.19 was a disaster. Hopefully vision will change.
wow, that 4-month development cycle is turning out to be not such a bad idea after all, huh?
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Thanks for the heads up, I just booked my leave for June, all hell breaks loose.
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bloodrizer wrote:
>how well-received The Forbidden Sanctum expansion was

what an absolute delusional cope

reframing perception, one public statement at a time.
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benjaminbona wrote:
"They didn't want to compete with D4 since they know it will affect their $ and player #

I wouldn't have worried, poe is so niche that the D4 player base have likely never even heard of poe, let alone poe4.0.

I guess its an attempt to try and minimise current poe players leaving, peeps like me who play for 2 weekends at launch and move on, with my money. I always said i'd buy a supporter pack if i enjoy a league, and the only way to enjoy it is to get a mageblood, or hh back in the day.

So far nil, my last supporter pack was, hmmm, when was legacy league?
Sancrum was horrid, so bad i didn't even play.

So seeya all in June for the launch of D4, i can't wait.
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You'll be wanting to play 3.22

Why what happens, you finally open up streamer privilege for everyone?

Fart_Smucker wrote:
So every d4 seasons once those start coming out is GGG going to be afraid to launch a league and we have to deal with this nonsense over and over? Blizzard gave everyone a release date for d4, they dont give a fuck.

But you have to remember Diablo is the icon, the main event. It will have tens if not hundreds of times more players (or blight girl voice i forgot her name MOAH PLAHHHYAAAs) than we do, they don't need to give a f#*k about a small indie company. Sure sure tencent this and that, but they only care for the primary realm in China, not the one we watch paid streamers to play in.
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