Our 2023 Plans

Funny. Last time it was "Don't want to coincide with another game's release" as the excuse, with "want more time to develop league" as the reality...

And this time is 100% the opposite of that.

Fool Exiles Once: Shame on you
Fool Exiles Twice with the same trick: no shame on anyone, clearly It Just Works
I am the ruler, undisputed / Respected, saluted / And seen for the wonder I am!

This is my mobile accpubt. Their wil b typoes.
we are really happy with how well-received The Forbidden Sanctum expansion was

Just to put things straight, Forbidden Sanctum expansion is well-received SOLEY because AN is removed, not because of other things. League mechanic is only popular/doable for a handful of builds, crafting (Harvest) only exist in Las Vegas, mana is an issue and players (me include) often use lifetap or EB even on non-spell builds, 5-way effortless cruising to lv100 and easy gem leveling, etc etc etc, ...
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Hopefully i dont become grandfather before i play POE 2
glad to hear the ''its done wwhen its done'' mentality, because it is so rare these days.
Keep it up :)

full goblin-mode lol
BEst news,
I love this league and just wish it can be a bit longer.
Any chance we can get an actual firm date for 3.21 instead of "early April" as we always get? You should be able to nail down the date with all the time you have allotted for yourselves. 7th? 14th? please tell us. Having to keep rescheduling time off is frustrating and ultimately not possible if it happens too many times. Bosses can only be so forgiving when it comes to these things. Just a firm date would help everyone tremendously.
League already over!
Amazing!! Loving the quality over quantity mindset and as always the high level of communication in these posts. Thanks GGG for the amazing work you put out!

Yes I will be going full Goblin-Mode, others who are too you are my people c:
Some sort of 'endless sanctum' would be amazing.

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