Upcoming Support for Offline Party Members

Can we please get an agnostic /leave command to leave a party as well? Currently we have to use our character's name to leave a party using a command, which means that we cannot bind it to a key and have it work if we switch characters.
ooooh sweet!
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I hope you add the possibility to stay in the party after switching characters, that would make trading easier as well. Also, sometimes we want to switch characters to carry someone in the party with a stronger character.
While you are dabbling in the context menu, can you also fix it where when a right clicked player changes instance and the context menu shifts over? This is really frustrating for doing trades.
Offline party members will show the last known character that was online, and once logged back in, they will still be in the party as expected unless they switched character.

For me the most important point is to stay in party when changing character.

This is important because when you use global820en/help/get help and realise that:
- you wanne help someone kill a boss but you are logged in with your mapping character and need to switch char.
- you wanne join some breach runs with your low lvl char but you are logged in with your high lvl bosser atm
- you wanne join some content but you are logged in with char which is not done with acts yet.
- ...

Please make it so that you stay in party even after switching character.
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Inviting to party will sometimes bug and you stay in some sort of invite limbo where nobody can join. Sometimes relogging helps clear that up. Is it possible this change might have an effect on that?
I am a supporter
long awaited change , thank you so much ggg for this appreciate your hardwork making this game better and better. keep up the good work cheers.

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