Upcoming Support for Offline Party Members

Suggestion: Keep portals open on campaign when offline aswell, for 2 minutes or wathever, is kinda a small nitpick but sometimes you disconect while runing the campaing and have to run the entire zone again even if you had a portal open before the disconect
Good vibrations... nice.
A much needed update to some of the games aging UI / UX, I hope there's some more polish to some of these coming up, while they've been utilitarian and usable, a lot of the menus and button UI could use a rethink and redesign, and some of the older intigrated systems (like guilds, parties, etc) could really use some love for a league or two.
2 minutes? how bout 5? i cant afford SSD :( . But good effort anyways
This is a good change.

I don't think 2 minutes is the right duration though. I'd suggest running 50 tests on an older PC (say a 2016 all-in-one or laptop that does meet the game's published system requirements but does not have an SSD) on how long it takes to close POE in a crash situation, reboot the PC and then get back in. Then set the time based on the 3rd worst time out of the 50 tries.

If you want to cause a crash on a PC like that, all it takes is running a Blight encounter under the Delirium mirror. I expect the correct time will be in the 3 minutes 30 range.

My PC will get back in 2 minutes so this won't affect me, but the game should be designed around the published minimum specs, not outlier PCs like mine.
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2 minutes is too short, 5 is ok, I think.
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