Upcoming Support for Offline Party Members

"Wipeout has become a leader of your party."

You crack me up, GGG. ^^
Confront those who dare obstruct the transmission of your information with swift rejection, for they sit silently obsessing over your submission.
world of warcraft had this since 2004
Can we also get a command, like /leaveparty or something so we can quickly leave partys instead of having to do /kick *insert name* so you can't have it as a macro if you have 2 characters.
Finally! Love to see these enhancements to the social system.

public instances as well as an "auto-join/create public instances" feature would be nice too ngl
hewwo :3
sounds like indirectly trade improvement for guys with bad internet connections
That's awesome, I just really hope the timer could be extended a bit more. Sometimes there are errors when trying to reconnect right after a dc, and including loading times, I think 2 min is quite low.
Making the group leader can choose the reconnection time is more interesting. People who have older computers and who try their best to play poe, even sacrificing graphics or mechanics (like me) need more than 2 minutes.

In some moments 2 minutes is just the time that the game leaves me stuck in it without being able to do anything until it tells me that I lost my internet connection.
Awesome! That is a nice addition, now we'll see how well it is going to work in the next potential league crash etc. :)
Please change the color of trade request plz...

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