Upcoming Support for Offline Party Members

The context menu (the menu that pops up when you right click a player) has also been slightly cleaned up so that buttons shown are dependent on the player's location, online/offline status and from where you accessed the context menu.

So thats why I cannot kick people from party via right-click in chat anymore. Or thats why I cannot invite them again if they disconnected after being invited and logged back, nice cleanup there;)
AWSOME CHANGE but i would love it when u can change it in the options how much time u need offline to be kicked so not only 2 mins maybe 3 or 4 or more so every dude can handle this by it self
Nice update.

Would be even more reasonable and better to increase timer limit to 5 minutes instead of 2. Sometimes game can crash multitple times and also load longer than usual, so imo 5 minutes will be like perfect time possible there.
This is awesome - can we get some guild improvements too while youre at it?
Good, but there should be trading without leaving your map or offline trade. this will prevent some idi o t whom put items for unreasonable price and not selling, putting good seller out of the page.
Nice !
Bad Seed
Nice. Hope theres more qol's to come

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